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    If we do return to the original continuity after omniverse I think it's best for Ben to have a new love interest using a brand new character.

    If we get a rebooted Original Series continuation then we should go for Julie only this time it's executed better.

    Either way no matter what continuity this is in Gwen needs to have a new relationship that isn't Kevin and most certainly not Ben.

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  • @npzman I personally think that Elena is a good choice for an Omniverse continuation. If that show happens I think that she'd be a really interesting character - she cares for Ben deeply but the nanochips augment her personal desires to the point of her being violent. Seeing her move past her mistakes, have her own arc where she struggles to control the chips and maybe get involved with Ben romantically could work if done right. Plus Ken possibly being half nanochip is such a cool idea imo. The better part of the fanbase would riot if Gwen and Kevin split up in an Omniverse continuation so that won't happen.

    As for a rebooted original continuation, I still think that Elena could in fact be implemented better than she was in the main timeline. But yeah Julie could also work well if they actually made her an interesting character rather than just Ben's cute girlfriend. As for Gwen...idk if she were to have a different love interest then they'd probably have to introduce a new character. As I mentioned before I don't think that a new series should focus too much on romance because that isn't really one of the key strengths of the franchise

    @Tactical-Ochoa Err...personally I'm not too big a fan of Hope being Devlin's biological mother, but I think that she could very well work as a mother figure to him in the future at the time that Ben is Ben 10,000, especially given their similar experiences. Both have an evil older relative (Kevin or Hex) of whom they have been a victim of pain throughout their childhood, both have abilities which made the outer world see them as freaks, both having to fend for themselves at the same time as doing their best not to become like said older relative. It could be a very interesting future timeline.

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    @coreofthesun said in Returning to the Original Continuity:

    As for Gwen...idk if she were to have a different love interest then they'd probably have to introduce a new character.

    I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • @coreofthesun I don't really have that same sentiment with Elena. I never really found her to be an interesting character. I found her to be pretty forgettable and bland. She just doesn't feel like a good fit for Ben. Despite how her and Ben view each other, I don't really see them having a good connection with each other. I'm not fond of the idea of Ken being part nanochip either. That sounds like a repeat of Gwen being half Anodite and the issues that created.

    I just don't see anyone else who would be any better of an option for Ben to be in a relationship with than Gwen. Ben and Gwen just have too much of a good connection with each other for them to be in a relationship with any other characters that are not them. As for Ken, I think it would be better for him to be a magic user than for Ken to be part nanochip. I think that's a more fitting approach to him. Have Ken be like a jack-of-both-trades of Ben and Gwen, as in Ken has his own Omnitrix, like Ben, while also being able to use magic, like Gwen. Pretty much like with this Ken Tennyson redesign commission that I had that same artist do for me as well.

    As for Devlin, I kind of see Gwen as more of a mother figure to Devlin than Charmcaster; especially considering that Ben adopted Devlin at the end of the Ken 10 episode, therefore Devlin would be spending much of his life being raised by the Tennyson family. Something to take note of about Charmcaster is that much like how Kevin represented Ben's evil opposite, Charmcaster represented Gwen's opposite as well. Something that I can see is how Kevin and Charmcaster could have a bit of a connection with each other...or at the very least have a temporary allegiance with each other for the sake of going after Ben and Gwen. This is something that's going on in Little Moments after all. I think it would just be more interesting and fitting for Charmcaster to be Devlin's mother. I think the connection between them is there to make it seem fitting here.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Fair points. It’s just that if there were to be an Omniverse continuation then a lot of options are ruled out. Julie and Ester certainly so, as well as Looma and Attea (who only really liked Ben for his prime alien forms). Which leaves Kai and Elena, neither of whom are great characters per se but I think that Elena has more potential even though she wasn’t implemented that well into UA. The half Anodite thing with Gwen was bad because it explained away her ability at magic as alien heritage rather than her earning it. Ken having the ability to control nanochips and technology to a degree doesn’t make him stupidly overpowered and differentiates him a little from Ben. But it’s just an idea and frankly a combination of the Ken whom we see in OS and OV would work out fine.

    As I said in a new sequel literally any of the past love interests could work if they were implemented right.

    I think that Charmcaster works as a parallel to Gwen but I think that this would be better seen if they were somewhat allies (and yet at the same time rivals) rather than being flat out antagonistical of each other like Ben and Kevin are. Also, I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t think that it is necessary for the children of villains to be a result of two major villains hooking up (even temporarily). I’m personally fine with Devlin’s mother being unknown and it doesn’t take away from who he is as a character.

  • @coreofthesun In the case with Omniverse, the series has pretty much established that Ben and Kai started a relationship with each other. Therefore, it's likely going to be Kai that would be Ben's love interest in an Omniverse sequel and not Elena. Meanwhile, Elena barely even appeared in the show. I think she was only there for one episode and that was it.

    And if they decide to take this statement by DJW into consideration, I guess Elena is no longer half nanochip. Granted, this is an outside statement and Omniverse doesn't actually showcase this so take it with a grain of salt.

    Being part nanochip wouldn't make him stupidly overpowered but I do think it would put Ken too much on the side of science fiction. Mixing science and magic together is something that I think would be more interesting and fitting for Ken. Like I said, balance.

    And sure, Devlin's mother doesn't have to be Charmcaster. I just think it would be fitting if she is.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Cool, I wasn't aware of Wyatt's statements, but then again they aren't 100% reliable since he was mainly the art director for Omniverse.

  • @coreofthesun True. A lot of statements from the teams that made these shows often conflicted with each other, and many statements from Wyatt tend to be taken by many with a grain of salt. It's one of the reasons why I rather prefer that creators don't make outside statements that establishes lore within their creations.

  • Wyatt isn’t exactly that reliable when it comes to lore and often contradicts himself. So yes, I would not believe everything that he says. I appreciate him for being one of the only people still willing to answer questions about the franchise but he can come off as a jerk sometimes.

    As for the topic...ngl I would absolutely love a new sequel to the original series to do it the justice it deserves in terms of continuity and tone. I wouldn’t mind an Omniverse sequel or Ken 10 so long as they are engaging shows, and an Omniverse sequel to give some kind of conclusion to the original timeline would be the most logical option I suppose

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