Ben 10 character meme

  • Someone posted a Ben 10 character meme template on Twitter today, so I decided to apply my images in my version: alt text

  • @Mortie-10 Mine would be:

    Favourite character: Don’t really have one, but Tetrax and Paradox are cool.

    Least favourite character: Michael Morningstar

    Favourite alien: Upgrade

    Least favourite alien: Mole-Stache

    Favourite antagonist: Original Series Vilgax

    Favourite design: Original Series

    Best pairing: Ben and Ester

    Overrated character/Alien: Alien X

    Character/Alien’s powers you’d want to have: XLR8

    Character/Alien you wish appeared in the new continuity: Ghostfreak/Zs’skayr

    Character you wish didn’t exist: Driscoll/Forever King

    Character you’d rewrite: Kevin or Charmcaster. Ideally both.

    Character you’d date: Idk...Lucy Mann?

    Character you’d be friends with: Cooper

    Character you’d burn alive with an incinerator: Err... Ma Vreedle

  • @Mortie-10 I've used the template to make the meme

    I also managed to help get the format trending on the Ben 10 subreddit which was cool.
    Final template.PNG

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