I appologize

  • To whoever that care to read this, I just wanna say... Im sorry... for everything. I have acted like a jerk on the internett the last... I beleive 7 years. The one I look like on the internett is not the one people describe me as in real life. Im actually kind and nice, and I do love Ben 10. I just that... my autism gets the better of me all the time. I have suffered depression, angry issues and I have never had a girlfriend, so therefore I have acted like an angry, depressed and horny teenage boy. But the last few weeks, I have tried to find balance in my life. I have actually almost gotten rid of my depression. Im more happier than I have ever been. My angry issues is smaller now, but whenever I log on to the internett, I just turn into a different person than Im really am.

    I dont expect anyone to forgive me. I just wanted to tell you the truth. And when it comes to Ben 10, yes, I want the original contiunity back, but also... I secretly love Omniverse and the reboot too. Omniverse and reboot are weird shows, but I like weird shows. OV and the reboot have done thing to the Ben 10 franchise I never thought possible, like with all the alternate Bens and stuff. So, I actually love all of Ben 10, its just that my nostalgia eyes where too blinded to see it.

    So, I hope at least Im not getting banned from Ben 10 club, because I really like to be here. Talking about my favorite show with other fans is the best thing ever. If only I could be myself when I do it. Sorry for this long post, I just had to say this. Peace out!

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