Ben 10 Alien X-tinction (My version)

  • I decided to start writing another fanfiction: My version of Alien X-tinction. Dont get me wrong, I love the movie, its the best thing ever produced of Ben 10 for me, but like everything else made in Ben 10: It could have been better. So here is the start of my story (in English):

    It all starts with Eon going through a secret dark fortress somewhere on a dark planet in space. Eon has his purple saber activated and is ready to attack whoever comes his way. He goes down a elevator and hears a demonic voice saying: “At last!” He then turns around to see who it was, but he cant see anything. Its too dark!

    The demonic voice begins talking about Vilgax and that he wasn’t treating Eon well. The voice says that he can give him so much more. Eon, while going further into the fortress, threatens to kill him, but voice just responds “I cannot be killed”. The voice then says a familiar line from the episode “Gwen 10”: “There are so many ways to tell a story. That’s what that makes them so interesting. You can never predict how they are going to turn out” The voice reveals himself to be an Celestialsapien with nine Omnitrix symbols on his body. Eon almost slices his troat with the saber, but stops and asks what he could offer him. The Celestialsapien says: “Everything! A whole new Omniverse”. He then shows Eon a map over an Omniverse he himself have created with Eon as the ruler. He says that if Eon wants to rule it, he have to destroy every Ben 10 in existence for him, and give him their Omnitrixes. Eon agrees, but the Celestialsapien warns him that “He” isn’t the one he thinks he is. Eon than asks “Who he is”? Then the Celestialsapien starts a manical evil laughter and the screen fades away.

    The movies intro play out, and it starts starts similar to the “Ben 10 vs. the Universe: The Movie” intro with Ben, Gwen and Max running to the Omnitrix who crashlands on Earth. Then, all the Bens from the five different series are shown high fiving each other. The Gwen 10 jumps in and pushes them away. Then we see Mortie, Ashi and Fantorangen (the main characters from my own Fanfiction series) hugging each other while Mortie slams down his Ultimatrix and the Alien X-tinction logo appears.

    Thats it for now. Hope you like it. If you couldnt tell, the beginning of the story is similar to the opening of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. I just love that movie too. Gonna post more of my fanfiction here as soon as I write it down. Stay tuned.

  • Before I post the next part, I just wanna do a headsup: Many of the scenes in this story are alternate versions of similar scenes that have happened before, either in the Ben 10 franchise or other franchises. Sometimes they are harder to catch, but some are pretty obvious. Next part coming soon! Stay tuned!

  • Part 2:
    After the intro, Reboot Ben is seen on a hoverboard floating around Bellwood. Hes wondering where grandpa Max is, and then he sees Heatblast in a corner. Heatblast attacks him, and Ben is wondering why. He floats his hovedboard to the top of a building to get away from Heatblasts fire attacks. Then, right behind him is Ultimate Humungousaur, really mad and starts firing misiles. Ben floats away and smells a horrible stench, which seems to be coming from Stinkfly.

    Ben hides in a corner, but then out from a wall behind him, Chromastone breaks through. Ben believes him to be Diamondhead, and tries his best to avoid his lasers. Ben arrives in a forest and is attacked by Wildmutt who bites on his hovedboard. Ben is wondering who this alien is and then feels something is inside his clothes. Its Grey Matter and Ben catches him and throws him away.

    Then Ben loses control of the hovedboard and out from it comes Upgrade, who is merged with the hovedboard. Ben jumps off and accidentally lands on Way Big’s hands who comes up from the ground and yells “BEN! BEN! BEN TENNYSON!”. Ben asks what he wants, and Way Big responds “Your watch”.

    Suddenly it is revealed to be a dream. Ben wakes up in the Rustbucket and sees Gwen and Grandpa Max sleeping well. He then starts streaming Sumo Slammers on his tablet.

  • Why arent anyone commenting on my story so far?

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