Returning old villains?

  • So we've been informed that the reboot is going to have a lot of new not-seen before villains, but what about the old ones? Now we know that some, like Vilgax and Kevin(very important to the story) and Animo(a classic) are 99% sure to reappear, but what of others, like Zombozo, Ghostfreak, Hex&Charmcaster, Rojo, etc.

    Is there a possibility to include villains from the sequels into the show, especially considering this is a reboot of the Original Series? What are your thoughts?

  • I'm sure they are coming back. They are important for the story.

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    i can see hex and charmcaster coming back since they are a big part of both ben and gwens story also. i would like to see clancy and sublimino since i was really disappointed to not see them return in omniverse when every other old ben 10 villian did. I would also love to see albedo i feel they could make him work even if he wasnt introduced until bens teen days originally.

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