Now that the Ben 10 Reboot is over what's next?

  • What do you guys think is coming next for Ben 10? I personally would like a sequel series to Omniverse but I don't know how likely that is to happen right now. The only possibilities I see are #1 a sequel to the reboot, #2 a completely new take on Ben 10, #3 a return to the original continuity. I ranked them by what I think is the most to least likely to happen.

  • I hope most for the original coninuity, but I think mostly it will be an AF Reboot. I dont think they will reboot it yet again.

  • I fell like we are leaving the reboot continuity based on what Duncan Rouleau has said on twitter.

  • @cooljay7 said in Now that the Ben 10 Reboot is over what's next?:

    What do you guys think is coming next for Ben 10? I personally would like a sequel series to Omniverse but I don't know how likely that is to happen right now. The only possibilities I see are #1 a sequel to the reboot, #2 a completely new take on Ben 10, #3 a return to the original continuity. I ranked them by what I think is the most to least likely to happen.

    I’m confused as to what direction would they go if they made yet another reboot of Ben 10. I can totally see it happening because of how much money the series earns but I’m almost certain that they’d go back to the drawing board revolve it around 10 year old Ben again which I don’t think would go too well. Which is why I’m not incredibly opposed to a reboot sequel.

    If they’re not bringing back the original continuity on TV then I’d quite like to see a comic series set in the Prime timeline. Although I think that Ben 10 is suited more to an animated format, a comic is better than nothing and I’m sure that they’d be able to get some good writers and artists together to make it, and I imagine that they’d have a lot more creative freedom that way with no interference from the network to make it too childish.

  • @coreofthesun The whole reason Ben 10 was rebooted was because of the toy line and what's interesting is the toy line hasn't had many new releases over the past year or so. I collect Ben's aliens from the reboot toy line and they never made a Jet Ray figure. Which was strange to me. Basically, what I'm trying to get at is if the reboot was made to push toy sales and the toy line has been declining, maybe that means they are going to make a more mature Ben next.

  • @cooljay7 Maybe. Granted, I don't think going the Alien Force route is a good idea. I want for them to do what the Original Series did. Have a proper balance of fun and entertaining yet mature and serious.

    Part of me doubts that they'll go a more mature route though. It's Cartoon Network after all. I mean, they're bringing back pre-school and live-action blocks despite those routes having failed miserably for them in the past. From what I recall, the live-action era nearly killed the network. That's how bad it was.

    By the way, has the toy line for the reboot show really hasn't been doing well lately? Was it really declining for this show?

  • @Tactical-Ochoa They still haven't made toys for the movie. They only made an Omni-Naut Heatblast and that's it. Those probably came out like last summer and there's been nothing new since then. So, I'd have to assume that sales are down since this is basically the same thing that happened to the Omniverse toy line.

    Also, I'm not fully convinced that the next Ben 10 will even be on Cartoon Network. I'm wondering if it might be exclusive to HBO Max. Reason I say this is because Cartoon Network never airs re-runs of the reboot and besides these specials I don't really remember seeing advertising for new episodes. Maybe they make the next Ben 10 exclusive to HBO Max, that way it'd be able to be much more serious and mature.

  • @cooljay7 Maybe. I think I heard of the possibility of Ben 10 being on HBO Max. It does feel as if the reboot show did fall under the radar. I also don't recall a lot of advertising of the reboot show before these specials. And yeah, come to think of it, I don't think I recall hearing CN do a lot of reruns of it either. I don't think the ratings are doing well too. Maybe that's why they're ending it here. It could be that the show wasn't really doing as well as many believed.

  • @cooljay7 I think that HBO Max is where the series should be going then, I guess that since the reboot's toy sales haven't been that great, in their next show they should focus more on it being a good story and drawing in viewers that way. That seems to be what the original did and the merch was more of an afterthought which stemmed from the success of the show.

    Though I agree with Ochoa in that the show should have a mix of humour and serious moments. I mentioned on another thread that my 9 year old brother (who is roughly the demographic age that CN is aiming for) has watched quite a lot of episodes from across the franchise and the dark tone of AF was a massive turn-off him and I'm sure for many others who transitioned from one show to the next (I wouldn't know given that I watched Alien Force first so didn't experience it). I've heard others across the internet say that AF felt like a DC show rather than a sequel and while that's not inherently bad given that shows like Young Justice were excellent, it made it feel too tonally different to the original to the point of feeling like a different show. I think that a dark and gritty Ben 10 series just wouldn't work (I mean , take a look at DC's live action "Titans" series which tried to be very dark both tonally and aesthetically, but was a mediocre series)

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I think it was doing well in the beginning but it must've fallen off since then. I really don't hear many people talking about it anymore and honestly the popularity of Ben 10 has fallen off since around 2018.

  • I love Ben he is sexy

  • @coreofthesun I started out with the original series and watched all of the shows as they released and for me, I actually prefer the darker tone of AF-UA. I liked that Ben was aging with his audience. I'm not saying we need an extremely dark iteration of Ben 10 next but I would like something that is much more serious in tone than the reboot. I mean I'd even be fine if we got something like Omniverse, although I would prefer something closer to AF-UA.

    Regarding the toy sales of the reboot, they were strong for a while but since I think season 3 they've stopped releasing as many new figures. Also, a lot of figures for the reboot have been straight up cancelled. The most infamous one is Kraab. They showed off an awesome figure of Kraab and never released it. I was honestly looking forward to that one since we never got a Kraab figure for the OS. But overall there's a total of 8 figures that they've shown at toy fairs and ended up cancelling. Which is weird, obviously toys get cancelled all the time for one reason or another but they usually don't have a finished product being shown at a toy fair without later releasing the figure.

  • @coreofthesun There were a lot of things that the Original Series did very well with and that's why I still think it's the best show in the franchise. One of those things being that the Original Series had a really good and balanced blend of stuff with its tone. It was fun, lighthearted, comedic, action-packed and yet it was also dark, mature, and serious and the show maintained a good and proper balance of all that stuff. It helped make the Original Series feel fun, interesting, and engaging to watch and helped give it a lot of depth. UAF was more often too mature, dark, and serious, thus making it bland and boring to watch. OV and the reboot show were often too comedic, ruining many moments with the story and characters where it should be more serious as well as making those shows feel annoying to watch. One of the many things that Ben 10 needs is to bring back that proper balance with its tone again.

    @cooljay7 If that's the case with the toy line, then yeah, like I said, the show likely wasn't actually as successful as many believed it to be. This could be why the reboot show is finally coming to an end. It also feels like having more seasons is becoming less and less of a sign that this show is doing well.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I feel as if none of the other series are as timeless as the original. Sure all of them have their great moments and episodes, but there are some aspects of the other shows which leave me scratching my head wondering what to make of them. The original series holds up the best as a show and I can't really remember actively disliking any of the episodes upon re-watching them (apart from the Merry Christmas episode. We don't talk about that one). The 'identity' of the show was altered throughout the sequels depending on the styles of the showriters and the demands of the network. You made a good article a while back discussing just that.

    The Malware arc in Omniverse was the only one which I found in the later shows which truly returned to the roots of Ben 10. It had a solid story, character development, a mix of lighter and more serious moments, worldbuilding and lore expansions as well as that balanced tone which was rarely seen after OS.

  • I simply want new Ben 10 series no continuation of reboot(2016) with better art style like Good looking anime and mature serious story telling and Make Alien X or Celestialsapiens multiversal.

  • D.C. Network just released a video on this topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2TD-dUoIpY

  • @cooljay7 Agreed on a lot of what he has said. I think that the series will be going on hiatus for a while until they figure out what to do. I think that MOA want to make a sequel to the reboot but chances are that we may get either more Prime universe adventures or even something completely new altogether.

    Speaking of a completely different series, someone in the fandom made this poster after the release of "The Mandalorian"

    I know that this was done as a joke but something like this could legit work. Maybe Eon or someone finds the Forge of Creation and tries to steal a baby Celestialsapien , only for it to instinctively damage Eon's time travel gear and then teleport away to a random destination in the universe, which just so happens to be where SixSix is temporarily residing. He finds the baby and as soon as he does he has a vision from the adult Celestialsapiens who request him to bring the baby back to the Forge Of Creation as it has not fully matured and developed its dual personalities, to which he reluctantly agrees. However, he is being pursued by Eon who still desires the baby Celestialsapien. I think that one of the best parts of this hypothetical series would be Ben himself coming after SixSix in a misunderstanding that he does not intend good for the baby, and I think it would be fascinating to see Ben as an antagonist (well at least until he realises his mistake) even though he's not evil. I think that it would be cool to see SixSix put all his skills to the test in travelling across the universe to find the newly scattered pieces of the Map of Infinity, with the Celestialsapien baby being omnipotent but not having much control over the powers meaning that these powers are often randomly displayed. Seeing SixSix build a bond with the baby over the journey would be touching as well

  • Obviously this specific example would never happen because people would say that it was a rip-off but there is a lot of potential to tell stories in the Ben 10 universe without having Ben as a protagonist.

    The most popular ideas seem to be a Gwen or Kevin spinoff or a Ken 10 show. I personally don't really think that the first two would work that well though a Gwen spinoff may be able to expand on the more mystical side of the universe. I've mentioned before why I think that Ken 10 would be the best direction to go in the Prime Timeline but even then we may need one more series focusing on Ben to complete his developement and transition into Ben 10k

  • @coreofthesun I feel like a Ken 10 show would be good but I don't think they should go there until they make a Ben 10k series. What I'm thinking is at some point they make a Ben 10k show and then the sequel to that show would be Ken 10. The only thing with jumping to Ben 10k next is that's a huge time jump. Ben's 16 in Omniverse and we'd be jumping to him being in his 40s with Ben 10k.

    I'd prefer for them make a show with Ben in his 20s first and then eventually we'll work our way up to Ben 10k. Either way, eventually they are going to have to have a major time jump in order to get to Ben 10k. Unless if Ben Prime becomes Ben 10k earlier. What I mean by this is what if Ben Prime reaches Ben 10k status by the time he hits 30? Maybe a show following Ben in his 20s would lead to him reaching the status of Ben 10k and then the follow up series would be Ben 10k and then Ken 10.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    What about a 17 year old Ben 10 series after Omniverse in the original continuity. My second preference would be Ben 10K spin off.

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