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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3i_EBSWtX0&t=1s

    I saw the special, was really disappointed to see no new aliens in this special. Also, this special seemed to be more in line with the typical Ben 10 reboot episodes (comedy first, action second).

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    Yeah it does suck that they’re overdoing humour, not opposed to some comedy but this should’ve been an action packed episode, especially given that it’s a crossover. Oh well, the reboot is ending after these specials anyway (well at least until the apparent sequel comes out)

  • Not like I'm planning on watching it myself anyways. I lost too much interest in the reboot show so it's likely that I'm not going to watch these specials. At the very least, just keep tabs on them. I'm also not really into crossovers so that's another thing about this special that I'm not interested in.

  • Is there any sign of Cartoon Network having a Renaissance of some sorts with regards to the types of shows which they start showing? Because it doesn't look that way at the moment with Teen Titans Go dominating the schedule, and it looks like the "comedy" format of shows is what generates the most money for CN and looks like that's what it will be like going forward, with the reboot sequel likely to follow suit.

    The reboot isn't the worst show on Cartoon Network and I don't wish to be a jerk and upset the people who enjoy it. I just believe that not only the long-time fans, but the kids too deserve better - heck, my little 9 year old brother think that the reboot "tries too hard to be funny and ends up being stupid" . Although his favourite series is Omniverse, he finds episodes of the original 2006 series way more enjoyable to watch than the reboot - and this is all without me suggesting to him at all that the reboot is not as good as the OS. Children aren't as stupid as CN seem to think and if they do make any kind of continuation I just hope that they treat their viewers with respect and allow the writers as much freedom as possible.

    I was having a discussion with someone on Reddit as to what would happen if they started showing Original Series reruns after the reboot ends, to which they said that the more detailed art style alone (and how it is different from most CN art styles nowadays) may catch the attention of kids and the story and charm of the original would do the rest. I've lurked around forums like this for a while so am familiar with @Tactical-Ochoa 's idea to make a new sequel to the original series exploring an alternate AF timeline and attempting to make the continuity more streamlined and improve on where the sequels slipped up (I believe that Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and Omniverse were all good shows in themselves but not good sequels). That could've really worked back in 2016 but I think that with the 2016 reboot wiping the slate clean it may confuse viewers as to which shows belong to which timelines.

    Reboots are fine since they give writers another shot at doing a show right. I'm sure that when Ben 10 started the creators didn't think of all their ideas from the beginning, and obviously with the retcons the original timeline became a bit messy. A Ben 10 reboot could've been the chance to fix those issues and create a smooth timeline by taking the best aspects from across the franchise and merging them into one. An example of a good reboot is one of my favourite comic series: "Ultimate Spider-Man" by Brian Michael Bendis (which I've mentioned here before - I am quite a big Spider-Man fan as well as a Ben 10 fan lol). Sure the comic re-interpreted a few characters and had a more grounded story, but in the end it kept true to the core themes of what makes Spider-Man such a good character which is why while not perfect, it was a great reimagining of the character. But unfortunately a lot of reboots these days seem to be more inclined to advertising toys and merch by using the name of the franchise to attract interest, and I hope that changes

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