What is the future of the Ben 10 Franchise?

  • I know, crazy idea, but could the Ben 10 Reboot possibly be the end of Ben 10.
    Obviously, this depends on how the show does, but when you think about it what could possibly come after the show:

    • a reboot of Alien Force
      -would be strange (would they then give a reboot to every Ben 10 series).
    • Ben 10,000
      -kind of weird if we go from Ben as being a 10 year old to Ben being 40, especially since he doesn't have all of his aliens anymore (since the show has been rebooted basically nothing has happened yet)

    I honestly wish that they were making a Ben 10,00 show instead of rebooting the franchise. Although, a reboot is better than having no Ben 10. It's just strange that after 230 episodes, 4 movies, and 61 aliens (not including the 8 Ultimate Aliens) they reboot the show. I would understand if the show was off the air for 10 years or something, but it hasn't been off the air for more than a year and a half.

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    well we need to see how the reboot goes first who knows a sequal could just be ben back in school or it could be a af reboot honeslty its what the writers feel is the best.

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