Ken Tennyson Redesign Commission

  • A few months ago, artist mateusboga completed my first art commission, a redesign of Ben 10,000. Soon after, I decided to set up another commission with him, this time on a redesign of Ben's son, Ken Tennyson. At the time of this topic page being submitted, mateusboga completed the artwork two days ago and here it is.

    Ken Tennyson Redesign, design by Gabriel Zona-Moya, artwork by mateusboga.jpg

    Much like with the redesigned Ben 10,000 artwork that he made, I'm both impressed and glad with how well this turned out. mateusboga did such a great job again. If anyone else is interested in checking out his other works and/or following and supporting him, here are the links to his Twitter and Deviantart pages.



    And if anyone hasn't seen the Ben 10,000 redesign commission that he also did for me, here's the link to that as well.

    Ben 10,000 Redesign Commission:

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