Ben 10,000 Redesign Commission

  • A while back, I made an article where I discussed my issues with the design of Ben 10,000 and my mindset on how I would redesign him. To anyone that's interested in checking out that article, here's the link.


    I decided to arrange for an artist to provide an illustration of that very redesign so I made a word doc detailing my redesign of Ben 10,000 and set up a commission with an artist named mateusboga to take that design doc and make an illustration of my redesign of Ben 10,000. Earlier today, mateusboga finished the commission and here is the link to it.


    I say that mateusboga did such a great job translating my redesign here. It looks so spot on and the quality is amazing. If anyone is interested, feel free to check out this artist's other works; including his Ben 10 aliens artwork. He's a really good artist that makes good quality artwork that's well deserving of praise and support.


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