I think Starset and their style of music could be great to have in Ben 10

  • This is just a small little topic that I want to share for the time being just for the fun of it. I do have plans for future articles with more detail and depth to them but I've been pretty busy with work. If I find the time to do so, I'll get to work on those planned articles.

    I don't remember if I mentioned this a while back but regardless, as the title states, I think that the band Starset and their style of music could fit very well with Ben 10. For those who don't know who Starset is, Starset is a rock band from Ohio led by their lead singer, songwriter, and keyboardist, Dustin Bates, who's basically like an actual rocket scientist. He has a masters in electrical engineering from Ohio University, has a strong interest in astronomy, completed research for the US Air Force, and actually taught at the International Space University, which just makes the band overall even cooler.

    Anyways, Starset specializes at what Bates describes as "cinematic rock", which really is the most accurate description of their music. Starset's music is dynamic, thematic, varied, Sci-Fi-esque, fantasy-esque, mystical and melodic, and overall just so cinematic, which just makes Starset so unique compared to other rock bands. There's quite a lot of elements that goes into Starset's music and the band is able to make those different elements blend so well.

    Now sure, Starset is currently my most favorite band but I still want to be fair here. I'm not making this claim because Starset is my most favorite band. I'm making this claim because I do think that Starset's music could fit into Ben 10. If I knew that Starset's music wouldn't work well for the Ben 10 franchise, I wouldn't be making this post. I do think that Starset's music could fit well into the franchise's Sci-Fi and magic elements as well as the lore and worldbuilding elements. I discussed plenty of times before on how I would prefer taking Ben 10 more towards a story and character driven direction and focus more on building upon the Ben 10,000 direction that the Original Series set up and I say that Starset would be a nice fit for that.

    One of the reasons why I'm making this claim now is that on September 13, Starset is releasing their third album, Divisions, and recently, they released two new songs from their new album, Manifest and Where The Skies End. These songs are just something that you have to listen to yourself so if anyone is interested, I'll leave links to them down below. I also recommend checking out Starset's other albums, Transmissions and Vessels, as well.


    Of course, another reason why I'm making this post is to ask what others on here think of this idea as well so if anyone has any thoughts of their own on this, feel free to comment down below.

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