Reboot Toys That Never Released

  • There's about 5 Ben 10 reboot toys that were shown off at various toy fairs that were never released. These include Kraab, Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter, Omni-Enhanced Stinkfly, Omni-Enhanced Wildvine, and the villain from the S2 finale (I never watched it so idk his name)[see link below for the images of the prototypes]. It would've been really cool to have gotten a Kraab figure and I really wish that they would have released it. I was impressed in the beginning at the variety of figures that we were getting but now the line seems to have died. I know its still selling well but the variety is just not there any more.

    https://ben10db.weebly.com/ben-10-toys.html -- Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the images

  • @cooljay7 Really? That's interesting.

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