When do you think the reboot will end? Do you think the OG timeline will ever return?

  • After reading more and more about the AntiTrix, I just began to think how long will the reboot go on for? It isn't getting any better and the only reason that they are keeping it around is because they make a lot of money from the merchandise. Also, I've been wondering if the original timeline will ever return? They clearly don't have any direction for the franchise right now and it would be great to see them create a sequel show to Omniverse (something like a Ben 10,000 show). Obviously, if they created a show like Ben 10,000 that's a part of the OG timeline then it wouldn't be on Cartoon Network, it would most likely be on Adult Swim.

  • @cooljay7 I'd rather prefer having a new sequel to the Original Series instead of Omniverse but anyways, I don't know how much longer the reboot show will last but I think it needs to come to an end after this third season. Things are getting freakin ridiculous now. Cartoon Network and Man of Action keep doing more harm than good here and it needs to come to an end.

  • @tactical-ochoa After Derrick destroyed Ben 10 with Omniverse, and Ochoa destroyed the fandom, I say that the reboot should last forever. I mean, its mutch better than Omniverse and its close to be as good as both the original series and UAF, even though I dont like the original series anymore. As long it has Ben 10 in its name, I dont think it will be cancelled soon as the name Ben 10 is more popular than the show itself.

  • @mortie-10 I don't think that we should keep going. The reboot isn't that good. It has no real quality control, and minimal passion. Sure people know the name "Ben 10", but it's not looked at positively. Is it worth it for a show you like to be dragged in the mud?

  • @mortie-10 Omniverse wasn't terrible. It was worse than the shows that came before it but its much better than the reboot. Like @Offbeatcat said the reboot has no quality control and I would say it has no direction either.

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