Ben 10 reboot discussion: Season 3

  • @Tactical-Ochoa It prob is reboot Kevin but it would be awesome if it was the og Kevin.

  • If it was the OS Kevin we could see a lot more screen time of the villains from Ben 10.

  • @cooljay7 Well, like I said, I don't find old and new version of Kevin to really be the type of character to deserve a spin-off show based around him. At least to me, I don't really care about giving more screen time to the villains of the franchise. I care more about fulfilling that potential that the franchise still has and further developing Ben and Gwen as characters as well as Ken and Devlin. I care more about going for that Ben 10,000 direction. Etc. That's something that the franchise actually needs. Not some unnecessary spin-off of Kevin.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Same I would much rather have a Ben 10,000 series than a Kevin spin-off but at this point I'd rather have an OS Kevin spin-off than nothing for the original timeline.

  • To be honest, what i think the reboot needs is more time with a story. Story has always been the afterthought of each season. They need to chill with the seasons and merch, and just put more time into a season. plan things out.

  • @cooljay7 That is if the spin-off is going to involve OS Kevin, which I doubt is going to be the case. If this spin-off show really is going to happen, it's more likely going to involve reboot Kevin since that the reboot is what's currently going on right now. I wouldn't even be surprised if the Kevin spin-off show is being made just to sell more toys and merchandise too.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa It's all but confirmed that it is, as shown by the pattern. Here's hoping the show at least gets a different team of writers.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I agree with you. It's going to be reboot Kevin and it's 100% being made to sell more merchandise.

  • Now that all of season 3 has aired, I know it's been a while and it's a dumb thing to act this petty and return in a topic that was left away, even for something as trivial as that but...

    @Ungrateful-Wolf said in Ben 10 reboot discussion: Season 3:

    BECAUSE0_1546794624892_ca0b6525-54f3-4419-be3e-3ea9142887a1-image.png 0_1546794682151_648addfc-8cff-4317-846d-4e30db833365-image.png 0_1546794752678_11c02747-178c-44d5-8310-d3251e738adb-image.png 0_1546794779989_6a09f145-b98a-46dc-9545-9a43d1104b3f-image.png 0_1546794804936_27ccee5a-7eb2-4bf5-9bc2-2a0495b24279-image.png 0_1546794820740_25768690-706d-4dee-9f0b-3196d7245858-image.png 0_1546794865245_b5fb5daa-11ae-445a-bddb-0461d97d1db0-image.png 0_1546794903425_10b8a52a-0963-41aa-b06f-fea860ca2430-image.png

    And he has been trying to use or recruit Ben for some evil plan. If we've been building up to this for the past two seasons...
    Please let Ben be okay, please have the evil jerk recruit him peacefully without torture...

    @Offbeatcat said in Ben 10 reboot discussion: Season 3:

    i love the idea. I really do. But as this is the reboot, i don't think they were ever trying to make this an overarching story. it's merely a string of coincidences. We can't get our hopes up YET.









    Again, I really am sorry for acting this petty but


  • I'm pretty neutral on my thoughts about the reboot. It's not for me and I understand that some people have enjoyed watching it so I don't like to constantly whine and complain about it. But for me it does not match up to the writing in the Prime continuity, especially not to the original series which the reboot shares so many characters and concepts with.

    I was looking at parent reviews of OS Ben 10 on the slightly infamous site "Common Sense Media" out of boredom today since I only have one exam left. And what I read has led me to believe that there is a huge reason why the reboot seems to be restraining itself when it comes to everything to storytelling to character development to the transformation sequences and even the art style: because CN don't want the parents to be concerned and then ban their kids from watching the show (which would lead to less toy sales and profit). I will say that there are a great deal of parents who do approve of and highly recommend the show and deem it perfectly watchable for kids, although sometimes it may be worth having the parents watch it with them. However, there are also some parents who do not like the OS at all. Many seemed to be concerned that because the show had so many action scenes and admittedly brutal fight scenes, it would lead to their kids becoming violent because the kids couldn't differentiate between reality and fiction. They also seemed to despise how the relationship between Ben and Gwen was presented and how Ben was not a good role model for children due to his cockiness and immaturity. The alien designs also seemed to strike a nerve because they looked like (I quote) "something straight out of hell" and apparently some were far too scary.

    To all of that, my main response would be that Ben 10 was never meant to be a show just for kids, which seems to be a mistaken impression shared by many parents. It was made first and foremost to be an engaging and compelling show for all ages, with the main target demographic being 10-14 year olds - so not little kids. Yes there is violence but it is not graphic and in my view is necessary to an extent given that it is an action show. The relationship between Gwen and Ben is presented in a very realistic way rather than a 'candy' way (as I read someone saying on the website in defence of the show). They argue and bicker like siblings and are indeed imperfect characters but they do grow throughout the show and actually end up being more relateable for those watching who also aren't perfect. As for the alien designs, well, they're meant to be aliens and not superheroes in suits. Of course they're going to be weird looking and occasionally intimidating. I always thought that the designs were great even when I was much younger.

    So my conclusion from this? The opinions of a significant portion of parents (as I imagine that these views would be echoed outside of review websites) explain A LOT of the changes which we saw the reboot. The alien designs were changed to look more humanoid and less alien looking and "scary", and the art style was made simpler with a brighter colour pallet to stop younger kids getting scared. Ben and Gwen's relationship showed them getting along for the vast majority of the time to apparently set a better example to kids. The fight scenes are far more toned down and less creative than the original series. The villains are not as intimidating and there aren't significant consequences. One of the major reasons for so many of the reboot's changes is because the network wanted to cash in on the viewership of the younger end of their demographic of 5-10 years old, and so toned down the show so that their parents did not prevent them from watching. This might explain why a lot of Cartoon Network's shows are toning it down these days especially when compared to the mid 200s era.

    I'm really not trying to diss the parents here and I totally empathise with their concern for their children's wellbeing. Parenting can be rough at times (or so I am told by my parents). For me the solution would be to have sensible discussion with the kids and allow them to understand that lets say, Ben only fights against criminals or other really bad people and never used his aliens to attack anyone else . The misconception of 'all cartoons being for kids' often leads parents to make the mistake of allowing their young children to watch animated programmes which may be too complex or dark for their age, and then with the parents subsequently blaming the programme, it leads to CN making things more younger kid friendly at the cost of alienating the older side of their fanbase.

    For me, my parents were always cool with me watching Ben 10 as long as I didn't watch too much TV and as far as I remember I never developed behaviour problems while watching the show. In fact I'd think it's the opposite - I thought of Ben as a great role model while growing up, and the fact that he was imperfect only made me relate to him more.

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