The future of the reboot

  • As of lately, Ben 10 has been....uh....not very good. like, the show has stagnated, and everyone is disappointed. The question is...where does the show go from here? Shock rock is presumably gone to make room for some new alien. A plot will be pulled from MOA's ass at the end of season 3. We'll get a new "game-changing" gimmick. Merch will be sold to small children. We'll suffer. At this rate...this needs to stop. I don't like being the hater but my gosh i am frustrated. I just...i think i'd rather the reboot lie down and die quietly then get a season 3. I saw potential at the end of season 1. I've given up by now. I'm just...discouraged. Where do you think the series will go from here?
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    At this rate, it'll have a better life in the CN graveyard.

  • At this rate, i'd really just rather have the ben 10 series stop, rather then get a third season. i gave it chances, and i think it just...i don't care if we don't get another, series, though i want one. People associate this...thing....as ben 10 nowadays. i'm sick of watching my childhood be rebooted into an absolute JOKE of a series.

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