The Fulmini species

  • As Shock rock's species had an important role in the season 2 finale, i'm curious. What do you think about them? Anything that sticks out to you about them?

  • @offbeatcat They are incredibly fragile and under-powered for a species that are supposed to be portrayed as a serious threat that would bring the end of Earth. A pretty major inconsistency in the writing as well considering that Shock Rock has been shown to go through worse punishment than them.

  • @tactical-ochoa I do agree. Either Ben just so happened to have a really durable sample of one, or they're decaying with age or something. I'd imagine the only reason they made them fragile was for the sake of showing how powerful "high override" is, with the ability to reconstruct them. That or they wanted Gwen and grandpa max to feel useful.

  • What did interest me is their backstory. I do give the show props for at least giving them a backstory and motives for their actions, rather then them just being evil for no reason (like most reboot villains). The idea that they are destroying planets to rebuild their own is an interesting one. I do wish they'd actually utilized this more, since the species, when actually appearing in the show, just seemed to be....well....evil for no reason. I wish Vilgax or high override had said something about their backstory. It makes the Fulmini more interesting, and high override could've been a sympathetic bad guy. Too bad they made him as generic as menacing cardboard. At least he has a backstory.

  • @offbeatcat With your first comment, that just makes them look even more under-powered and less of a threat than they should be. Maybe those could be explanations behind their fragility but Innervasion didn't establish that. Even when supercharged by their leader, they still feel under-powered since that you still get moments of them being easily defeated such as by a wooden racing cart. They want to make the Fulmini seem like a real threat? Make them as durable and powerful as Shock Rock for consistency. They want to make Gwen and Max feel useful? Make their fight with the Fulmini tougher and more challenging so that their victory would feel more satisfying and rewarding.

    Their backstory didn't interest me at all; especially since that we already had more interesting and more threatening villains in the previous shows. And yes, thank you for pointing out another issue with them. The Fulmini and their leader really are generic. They're a power hungry race of aliens that want to take over the entire universe. In fact, come to think of it, why Earth first? Why need the Omnitrix to open up some portal? If the Fulmini want to take over the universe, they don't need to open up a portal from the Omnitrix. Just go and invade other planets.

  • @tactical-ochoa Their backstory is, at the very least, an improvement from the usual backstories of villains in the show. I highly suggest that, in order to better put it into prespective, we should look at the reboot as its own thing, rather then always whining about how "Oh the original did it better." This show is what we have now, and it isn't trying to, nor does it wish to be, the original show. We should judge it on its own merits, as a show, not as an entry in the Ben 10 series. Your bias to the original is blinding you to the show overall, as you only see it as a bad ben 10 show, but you never seem to look at it in a box. You're always comparing it to things, but you're not treating it as its own thing. As its own product that is expanding its own universe.

  • @offbeatcat Judge it on its own merits? Already did that. Already looked at it as its own thing. Just look at some of my reviews of the reboot. In fact, just look at my previous comments about the Fulmini. Not one mention of the Original Series. Still find it to be a mediocre and bland show. And yes, I still take issue that the reboot is not better than the original. Again, it's a reboot. Regardless of what it's trying to do on its own, the intended purpose of a reboot is to be better than the original. If it's not an improvement over the original, then it doesn't matter if it tries to branch off on its own thing because the overall quality of it is still not good.

  • @tactical-ochoa Reboots can be fresh starts. A do over. This show isn't the best, true, but i know many children who do like it, and the toys are selling fairly well. The show is mediocre, but you're asking way more then we'll ever get. i think that you're beating a dead horse.

  • in any case, getting back on topic, what do you think the fulmini species used to be like? I'm open to speculation.

  • What i'm asking is, what do you think they were like as a society? How do you imagine they'd go about their lives?

  • They'd harvest energy to make weapons, then to decorate their bases with energy items. They'd use resources to feed and aliment their vehicles, using all of their resources raw like gems in SU, leading them to their current state due to greed and reckless use of their resources

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