Ben 10: My Ideal Roster of Ben's Aliens (Revised and Finalized)

  • I previously made a page back in August 2017 where I give my thoughts on what I find to be the ideal roster of aliens for Ben to have access to and should use in the Ben 10 franchise. The purpose of it was to make fixes and improvements to said roster of aliens by removing those that are too powerful to use, are pointless and unnecessary to have, are overall not unique, not realistic and sensible, etc. To help balance out Ben's alien roster in his Omnitrix to keep him from being too powerful for his enemies to fight as well as to remove the over-bloating of aliens that Ben had access to by the time Omniverse came to an end. Looking back at it, I've made plenty of edits and updates to it over time to adjust the list and make further improvements to it. For a while, I've planned on making even more edits to the list but at this point, I feel as if the edits had made the page feel a little too messy and disorganized and making more edits would likely just make it worse. Therefore, I decided to make a revised version of that same page but cleaner, more organized, and more simplified and I hope that this would act as my final version of this very list. Let's get started here.

    Original Series:
    Grey Matter
    Four Arms
    Way Big

    Alien Force:

    Ultimate Alien:

    Ball Weevil
    Feedback (if not Buzzshock)
    Pesky Dust (if it gets a redesign in its appearance and if Ghostfreak couldn't go into people's minds while possessing them)

    New Aliens:
    Protost alien (Tetrax's ship pilot, Gluto)
    Uxorite alien (Xylene)
    Lenopan alien (Lucy Mann)

    As I stated before, the purpose of this list was to make improvements to Ben's roster by removing aliens that are either too powerful and unbalanced, not unique, not necessary and useful, not realistic and sensible, etc. as well as to remove the bloating that Ben's roster has become by the time Omniverse came to an end. For a more in-depth explanation (and to save time), here is the link to the original page that I made.

    As for anything new to the list that I made, I added Feedback to the list as my second option for an electric-based alien. While it's more likely that I would still prefer to have Buzzshock in my list, thinking about it some more though, there are certain factors to take into consideration about that very alien such as how it could duplicate from taking damage or from absorbing enough energy. At least this is based on what we've seen in the show. This would make Ditto pointless to have and Buzzshock arguably really durable just as long as Ben's opponents don't figure out a way to drain Buzzshock's energy supply. I am a little curious though as to how the Omnitrix would react to this ability since that we never see Buzzshock himself actually duplicate in similar manners. Either way, again, I would still likely prefer Buzzshock to be in this list but my second option would be Feedback since that he is more balanced than Buzzshock.

    I also decided to add Pesky Dust to the list. I believe that if Ben uses Ghostfreak to possess someone, he would be able to access said person's mind and use this as a means of gathering information. After all, I believe that is what usually happens when something possesses people. However, in the case that Ghostfreak can't do this, then Pesky Dust could be a very useful alien to have for the sake of gathering information. However, if I were to add Pesky Dust into my list, I would do so if Pesky Dust gets a redesign in its appearance because that is the biggest problem that I have with this very alien. Pesky Dust doesn't look alien. It looks like a fairy and for something that is supposed to be an alien, that is too familiar, generic, and overall not alien of an approach for designing Pesky Dust. I would much rather for Pesky Dust to have a more alien look to it. Maybe something like the tooth fairies in the film, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Yes, that is a mystical creature but at least it looks more unique and alien than Pesky Dust. So yeah, if I were going to add Pesky Dust to the list, it would be if, and only if, Ghostfreak can't go into people's minds and Pesky Dust gets a redesign in its appearance.

    There are three aliens that I listed down on the original page that I decided to remove from the list. First off is Spitter. The reason as to why I decided to remove this alien is because Spitter can, well, spit out slime, which is an ability that Stinkfly has. I also decided to remove Gutrot for the same reason that influenced my decision to not include Water Hazard on my list. One of the biggest problems that I have with Water Hazard is how it can shoot out more water than its body should be able to hold, which I find to be both ridiculous and unrealistic. The same pretty much goes for Gutrots gas. There's also taking into consideration on how Gutrot is also able to store a large variety of chemicals inside of him to use to make various different types of chemical gases. Again, that just seems too ridiculous and unrealistic to me and that's why I decided to no longer have Gutrot in my list. Finally there's Toepick, who I decided to not have in my list anymore because it just doesn't seem appealing to me. Toepick's only ability is that its face can scare anyone...and that's it. Ghostfreak is already terrifying enough as it is and even though Toepick is supposed to terrify people more than Ghostfreak, that ability just doesn't seem appealing to me but instead...I guess the right word here is 'boring' or something of the likes. Therefore I decided to remove Toepick from my list.

    Like I said before, hopefully this will be considered my final version of this list so for now, I'm done here. If anyone has any thoughts and opinions on this, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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