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  • I think we need to talk about the Ben 10k club. I normally don't get annoyed by this sort of thing, But the Ben 10k club is out of control. It's not even a club, just 1 kid. He's giving us a bad reputation, as he bears the name of ben 10 club. Also, he is very annoying, and clearly does not put much time into his videos. His live streams end up being about how he gets complaints and doesn't care. HIs uploads of episodes are also somewhat illegal, and infringing on copyright. What should we do about this?

  • Yeah if it is the one I am thinking of he is giving us a bad name I think we need to find a way to stop him because I don't want this place get shutdown because of a brat that likes to do illegal stuff

  • Well I say probably one of the best things to do is to report Ben 10k Club to Cartoon Network and/or YouTube. Collect proper evidence of all the legitimate wrongdoing that the channel is responsible for and present it to them. At that point, you pretty much just have to hope that Cartoon Network and/or YouTube take matters into their own hands. This can only best work if there is a good enough legitimate case against the channel and if Cartoon Network and/or YouTube are willing to take action and resolve this.

    Alternatively, you could also spread the word around the internet and try to convince people not to support Ben 10k Club. Again, provide proper evidence of all the wrongdoing that the channel is responsible for as reasons for why people shouldn't support the channel. Go onto social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc) in order to better do this.

    That's what I think could be done here.

  • @tactical-ochoa thank you for your input.

  • When his Channel got deleted it came back somehow but now it’s deleted again and I’ve heard from his fans that he’s trying to get it back by asking YouTube to give it him back, I’m still sure that YouTube won’t do that since he has broken a lot of copyright rules so we’re kinda free from him but not 100% free because he’s one of those guys that’s gonna make a second channel.

  • @andrew42 And yeah you surely are true, we’ve got to talk about his channel because he’s not doing his videos with passion/to entertain people he’s just making them to make money, he even made his Weird looking Merchandise with his real name on it, just to make more money, He also made “Filler- Uploads” with a random Fake Title like: Ben 10 Omniverse 2 confirmed or Something related to that to keep his channel going.

  • We know that he doesn’t have his channel but now he’s making multiple accounts to dislike on our video’s because he’s jealous that he’s not able to upload anymore so there’s nothing we can do about that.

  • nothing but an annoyance now. @Ultimate-OmniTri , mind locking the post?

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    @andrew42 sure thing

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