Toys R Us Files for Bankruptcy in the US

  • I just found out that Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy. Here's an article that covers this very news.

  • Rip Toys R Us, I could never afford you.

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    It’s sad because i had so many good memories there when i was a child. We used to go there for my birthday and pick out a toy every year. One year i got a Mr. Fantastic Stretchy action figure and another year i got Ben 10: Protector of earth there (i actually wasn’t there for my birthday for that one but I asked my dad if i could get my present early because it had just come out).
    I know this doesn’t mean they are closing all their stores but its still sad none the less.

  • Speaking of Ben 10, isn't Toys R Us one of the major stores that's selling Ben 10 reboot toys?

  • Yes Toys R Us do sell Ben 10 reboot toys

  • @tactical-ochoa I swear to god if you're going to use this as another excuse to be negative about the reboot, I will kill you.

  • @ultraalien Then I'd imagine that this could have a significant impact on Cartoon Network's sales figures for the Ben 10 reboot toy line. No, correction, Cartoon Network's sales figures for most or all of their toy lines.

    @Andrew42 Really? You're going to threaten me? Especially considering that I'm a moderator on here and I can have you banned for breaking the rules and threatening to kill me. I take that stuff seriously, you know.

  • @tactical-ochoa look. I'm as much of a Ben 10 fan as you are. I have Aspergers syndrome too, and i hate that. I'm very passionate about the show in general, and I wish you would act more positive about it. You act less like a lover of Ben 10 and more like a joyless critic.

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    @andrew42 said in Toys R Us Files for Bankruptcy in the US:

    @tactical-ochoa I swear to god if you're going to use this as another excuse to be negative about the reboot, I will kill you.

    Wow that was extreme and uncalled for.

  • @omni-triforcer I formally apologize. I lost my temper.

  • @andrew42 I accept your apology. That will be your only warning though. I have Aspergers' syndrome too but I know better than to threaten other people's lives for having different opinions and even though you're younger than me, you should know better too. Remember, I criticize the Ben 10 reboot because I CARE about the Ben 10 franchise. I want to see it get better. If given the chance, I would gladly improve the quality of the franchise for the betterment of itself and its fan and viewers. So yeah, we're good now.

    I would also like to address this as well. To anyone that decides to support @Andrew42's comment where he threatened me, be aware of this. You are showing support for the idea that people should threaten and intimidate others because they have different opinions from you that you disagree and don't like, thus making the attempt to silence their voices. You are showing support for something that is gravely immoral and unacceptable. For something that should be universally condemned regardless of your views. Anyone that supports such an idea should be rightfully and deservingly called out for it. I'm looking at you too, @Mortie-10, considering that you up-voted that very comment, thus showing that you support this type of behavior.

    As for @Omni-Triforcer, thank you for your response. You are very much in the right here. That very much was extreme and uncalled for. And good on you @Andrew42 for apologizing.

    Alright, I'm done now. I would like to put this behind us and take this page back to its main topic. Once again, Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy in the US. Considering that it's one of the major retail companies that Cartoon Network is using to sell their toy lines out of, including the Ben 10 reboot (since that this is a Ben 10 focused website), this could cause a pretty significant impact on CN's sales figures. CN may still have other means of selling their merchandise but still, I'd imagine that something like this can still cause a significant setback for them and their IPs and we all should know just how much Cartoon Network values their merchandise sales figures compared to the very shows that air on their network. These are my thoughts on this event and its connection to CN. Does anyone else like to share their thoughts on this as well?

  • @tactical-ochoa I just supported him because I liked that he was brave enough to say something like that to an asshole like you. Not that I want you to get killed. I wouldnt let anyone suffer that fate.

  • At least Toys R Us isnt bankrupty in Scandinavia

  • @mortie-10 Losing your temper and threatening someone's life just because they have a different opinion than you isn't brave. It's never a brave thing to do. It's stupid, childish, and disrespectful. Plus, it's also illegal.

  • @tactical-ochoa Im sorry that I exist in your life!!!

  • Oh good grief, can we all just cut down on the drama? And how the heck does this affect ben 10 directly? I've done the math. They sell a lot of toys. The reboot's not made for old fans, but for the newer and younger generation of kids. And it's actually a good strategy. it makes money. kids love it. THAT'S KIND OF CARTOON NETWORK'S GOAL. So please, can we all stop being butthurt fans and try to act a bit more positive?


  • Also, I wasn't threatening. I was basically trying to say it was getting annoying that he never acted positive.

  • @andrew42 Your totally right.

  • ...i'm probably getting banned, aren't i.

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