What other characters might appear in the Reboot?

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    Since we now have confirmed info about Tetrax, Six Six, Kraab and Vilgax being in the Reboot, and a new alien called Gax who is the same species as Vilgax, my question is: What other characters might appear in the Reboot? Well, I for one hope to see Kevin, Charmcaster and Julie. And I also hope Humungousaur and some of the old school classics come back aswell. Im a little tired of the current Reboot aliens now (except for Grey Matter), and hope to see more of the UAF ones and maybe Feedback. What do you guys think?

  • @Mortie-10 I would want to Ben 10000 as well as some of his aliens like spitter,articguana,Buzzshock.
    I would also like to see some original series aliens like BenWolf (I hate the name blitzwolfer) BenMummy ( I hate the name Snare oh) and Frakenstrike , Waybig ,Upchuck ,Eyeguy ,Ghostfreak,Ripjaws etc

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