Ben 10 2016 Reboot Episode Review: Xingo

  • For anyone that follows my reviews, sorry if I haven't been making more lately. Been busy doing a bunch of stuff and it's hard to continue considering that I'm really starting to lose interest in it and it doesn't help that this show doesn't do much that is new to captivate me any further. Hell, for a show that's meant to be for the new generation of kids, considering just how little new it even does compared to other recent Cartoon Network shows and just how very similar it is to Cartoon Network's other recent shows (especially Teen Titans Go!), I have a good feeling that the new generation is going to lose interest in this show just as quickly as I am.

    Anyways, what do I think of this episode? Let me just say this. For those that haven't watched it yet, don't. Just...don't. Just don't even bother wasting your time with it, alright. It's a terrible episode. It's a very obnoxious and annoying episode. The villain, Xingo, is annoying and obnoxious. Ben is less annoying and obnoxious but still significantly the case. The jokes are annoying and obnoxious. Just...don't. This is one of the worst episodes of this show and it deserves a "hell no." Not just any "hell no" but this level of "hell no." Just...don't.


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