Ben 10 2016 Reboot Episode Review: Recipe for Disaster

  • 1,000 year old eggs? Well that seems disgusting. OH GOD, GWEN JUST ATE THEM!

    Surprising enough though, 1,000 year old eggs are actually a thing. It's a Chinese food delicacy. Interesting. Much like how many of the other foods in this episode are actual foods from other countries. Well then, nice work there. I like that little part.

    As for the episode itself, I suggest avoiding it because this is another mediocre and obnoxious episode. Ben, Gwen, and Max end up going to some food fair to try out all sorts of foods from other countries. They meet three chefs that all constantly compete with each other to see who is the best. One chef uses samurai techniques to make food, another has chemistry experiments to make food, and the third just puts stuff on a stick and roasts it. Yeah, it's one of those episodes. All three of them turn out to be monsters and they discover Ben as Wildvine and they try to cook and prepare him as a dish. Ben uses Stinkfly and fire to blast the chefs into a river and the episode comes to an end.

    What makes this episode so annoying and obnoxious are just all the running gags surrounding who of any of the characters in this episode are competing with each other to be the best at something and this happens constantly throughout the episode. Ben and Gwen compete to see who can eat the weirdest food. The monster chefs constantly compete and argue over who is the best chef. Gwen and Max also compete with each other to see who can also eat the weirdest or most food. It got so freakin annoying and obnoxious with little to no subtlety behind it. That plus there was also Ben sucking up all the attention from people that also got quickly annoying.

    Yeah, again, this isn't a good episode. This is a mediocre and annoying episode and, again, I recommend giving it a skip if anyone reading this hasn't seen it yet.

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