The Ben 10 reboot isn't that bad

  • Okay hear me out, I understand this series isn't perfect (like some of the new villians), but it does have a few things going for it. I honestly think this series is really trying to capture the spirit of the original as well as also trying to get older fans nostalgic of it, but here are things that really bother me about the reboot, it's trying too hard to capture the spirit of the original, I loved the original as much as all you guys, but I think they should have let Ben grow up with his fans (at least 18 or 19) and took a more darker turn instead of rewinding back to young Ben 10, I might get in a argument about the reboot sucking, but it doesn't, it is the fact they didn't allow Ben 10 age and mature and grow up with his fanbase like Samurai Jack has done. I honestly would give the franchise a rest after Omniverse and make a more darker Ben 10 series or reboot. UAF had something, but obviously held back a lot of things.

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