Idea for the Circus Freaks

  • I came up with this idea when I saw Frightwig in the reboot, what if they were a gang of young mutants? Acid Breath Is the leader of the group, Frightwig being youngest and only female in the group, and Thumbskull being the muscle. I like the idea of them being kids than adults as well as anti heroes that help Ben and his friends, but they do start off as villains and hating humans because of there past with them and being seen as freaks.

    Frightwig was treated like a monster by her father (even though her mother was the only one who ever loved her), her mother being killed by her husband for defending her and with that caused Frightwig to kill him and hated humans and became a criminal stealing and hurting anyone that got in her way.

    Acid Breath past is more of being bullied by all the kids in his school because of his horrible breath, he decideds that he use it for his own pleasure to hurt the people that teased him and use his power to steal what ever interested him

    Thumbskull is the same as Acid Breath, but he was also a kind young man that loved animals until bullies killed a animal Infront of him which caused him to snap and beat the crap out of them. They meet and become the circus freaks and cause mayhem where ever they go.

    Those are pretty much my ideas of younger more interesting versions of the circus freaks.

  • A little bit harsh backstories, but I like it and it fits them. Cool concept.

  • @Mortie-10 Thanks!

  • Not bad. Seems pretty nice.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa glad you like it, really think these characters deserve a back story to make them unique and interesting.

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