Is Ben 10 dead?

  • Im asking because the reboot is not doing well and it seems that if its not gets any better, whitch it probably wont, it will be mean the end of Ben 10. As a true fan of Ben 10, I surerly dont want that to happen. I just hope the live-action movie and the possible Gwen spin-off can save the show from destruction, but Im dont have high hopes. What do you guys think?

  • If the reboot fails, they will learn there lesson from there mistake and do it right, I honestly don't think the franchise as a whole will die (maybe rest for a while), no franchise dies.

  • @Mortie-10 Ben 10 isn't dead but it does need a lot of help. If the Ben 10 reboot fails, that can be a good thing for the franchise if the right cards are played here. Either it will convince Cartoon Network to stop their bullshit and sheer mistreatment of the franchise and actually make something at least good out of it or it'll give another network/production company the opportunity to snatch Ben 10 out of Cartoon Network's grasp and do some actual good for the franchise. If Cartoon Network isn't going to make changes and improvements for the better by choice, then they need to be put into a position where they are forced to do so if they want to survive and flourish.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I agree, right now is just a dark time for Ben 10 an I feel it can survive this, even though I don't hate the reboot it still has a chance to improve or fail and maybe when CN gives up they should sell it to another company that will do it justice. Everyone thought Crash Bandicoot was dead (had a lot of sucky games after Naughty Dog left) and now it's back.

  • I think Ben 10 for the old fans (so for us) has been already ended by Omniverse.
    I think Ben 10 is not yet dead for the new Fans. The Ben 10 Reboot is at most for the new generation of Ben 10 fans so there should be arriving more Ben 10 Reboot Seasons/New Ben 10 series ON CARTOON NETWORK. As we already know it goes bad with the new Ben 10 it has a 2 out of 10 on imbd. And the only thing that can save Ben 10 is the Live Action movie, that Gwen spin-off or Man of action.

  • @Ben-10-Fan I still think they can turn it around and improve the reboot, I'm still not sure that the Gwen spin off is even being made, but I hope so. It might help the franchise.

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