Is the mainstream ben 10 dead

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    Just wondering will there be another series that will pick up from where omniverse left off and the ben 10 reboot just gets cancelled early. Why ?? because I think ben 10 having a reboot is horrible idea.

    Plus why call the reboot just ben 10 like give it a title instead of confuse people with the original series

    What can be done to help Cartoon Network understand the reboot sucks and they should have instead had a sequel.

  • Another ben10 sequel wouldnt have worked out anyway the only sequel of ben10 that actually did the series some justice was alien force ultimate alien sucked and omniverse sucked a little less than ultimate alien a reboot was the only real way to keep ben10 alive but that still isnt working out cuz the reboot is poorly made and the reboot can still be considered as part of the mainstream ben10 continuity . We may still possibly get a continuation of omniverse but if its made by cartoon network it will not succeed

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    Omniverse sounds better than the ben 10 reboot. Man I missed Ben 10 omniverse but my favourite one of them all is ben 10 ultimate alien.

    Explain how the reboot is still considered as part of the mainstream ben10 continuity ?

  • @npzman if u remember at the end of ben10 omniverse ben created the entire universe so the reboot could be part of the continuity in two ways the first one is that after ben created the universe it rebooted his entire timeline and instead of the original series being bens origin the reboot would be bens origin the second is that everything in the universe remained the same but a seperate timeline was created that still links together with the main timeline

  • I honestly don't hate the reboot, I feel it has the spirit of the original series, but I understand what you mean, but still think it can improve over time.

  • @JrPhilgene I wouldn't go saying it's poorly made, but it seems like the show kid friendly and comedic.

  • @Rexfan1333 I mean compared to the original but I actually enjoy it

  • @JrPhilgene Yeah, the art style is less detailed (not a huge fan, but it's growing on me), but I wouldn't say it's poorly done, compared to the original it's not incredible which is true, but it has personality I'll give you that. I also enjoy it, pretty fun series that see can improve.

  • @npzman Likely no. Granted, due to all the retcons messing up the continuity so much and due to the negative reception that the Ben 10 franchise was progressively gaining, a reboot is a better option to take. However, the direction that they went for a reboot to Ben 10 was pretty bad and it didn't help that the current Ben 10 reboot is such a poorly made show with a poorly made art style and out of place style of animations and even worse writing and direction. The idea of a reboot for Ben 10, again, is a much better option to take. It was the direction that they took for a reboot that was horrible.

    Why they decided to just call it "Ben 10"? I don't know and I'm going to try and figure out why. Either way, I find that to be really stupid and confusing as well. The same thing happened with the Ghostbusters reboot as well. It would indeed be better to just have the reboot have its own title in order to differentiate it from the Original Series.

    To get Cartoon Network to understand that the Ben 10 reboot really is a terrible show and a mistake to make, it has to fail. It would need to have low viewer ratings and a major negative response and reception as well as a major backlash from fans and viewers as one way to convince Cartoon Network that making the current reboot was a mistake. The reboot is already receiving a major negative reception. The other way would be for the toy line and merchandise sales to be poor enough for Cartoon Network to see that the Ben 10 reboot isn't financially successful. That would be the even bigger kicker here. Cartoon Network relies more on their toy lines than the actual shows themselves. That's why this reboot is even being made. It's for the money. The Original Series garnered billions of dollars worth of merchandise and whatsoever. It was one of Cartoon Networks' most financially successful shows out there. That's why the franchise lasted for this long now. Cartoon Network is trying further to capitalize on the financial success of Ben 10 and as a result Ben 10 has become one of the most mistreated franchises on the network. The problem that I bet they're not seeing, however, is that because of this further growing mistreatment of the franchise, more and more fans and viewers started getting sick and tired of Cartoon Network mistreating the franchise for money. Each sequel gradually got worse and worse. Things started to go downhill when Alien Force came out but when Ultimate Alien came out, that's when the series really started to get hit hard. I recall having watched a podcast on the RebelTaxi YouTube channel where Pan-Pizza and the other podcast members talked about how Ultimate Alien's toy line did so terrible in sales that most retail stores didn't even want to sell any more Ben 10 toys because they knew that barely anyone even wanted to buy any Ben 10 toys and they were right. Despite the limited access of Ben 10 toys, barely anyone wanted to buy them anyways because, again, people are so sick and tired of Cartoon Network's mistreatment of the franchise. With this reboot, Cartoon Network and Cartoon Network Studios thinks that going back to the Original Series premise is going repeat the success of the Original Series but they're looking at something that happened 10 years ago instead of looking at how things are right now. They don't see the mistakes that they made and learn from them and as such, history is repeating itself again.

    In order to convince Cartoon Network that this reboot was a mistake to make and that they need to stop mistreating it and actually make something good out of it, then this reboot has to fail through low viewer ratings, a major negative reception, and through a failed toy line. In order for Cartoon Network to turn things around, they need to face failure. They need to be put into a position where they are forced to make changes and improvements for the better of the network and its fans and viewers if they want to survive and flourish.

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    Does everyone want a 17 year old ben 10 series ?

  • @npzman That would be cool, but I don't see them being interested in the idea which kinda sucks because that would be awesome.

  • @npzman Yeah sure.

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    then let's make the reboot fail is their a way to talk to man of action about it

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    Why is that a good idea? That won't convince CN to do anything, all it will do is to cancel and end Ben 10 all together, is that really what you want guys?
    I mean this is a site for if you like Ben 10, not hate on it, even if you grown too old for it and think dishing it out will make you popular like its some kind of trend. The more this is kept up, the more not only will it convince people to not watch the show but it will continue to convince CN to stop making Ben 10, and that won't give you the episodes or shows you guys desire.
    This is a show made for kids, not to mention its kick us out for newer kids and younger tweens, and the more you keep this up, the more we might not even get a second generation. That's why we even had a two year hiatus, its because Ben 10, despite the fact its a franchise that should be for all ages, its targetted for kids.
    All Cartoon Network wants is Comedy, just like Disney with Sitcoms, and Nickelodeon taking over your shows just to turn them into crap. And that sadly will never change til a lot of people are fired and a newer generation of people take charge for the next generation of shows, but that won't happen now, especially since people from the 70s-80s and very early 90s are making shows right now, and some of them don't have any idea what they're doing, they're just using this is as a business so that they can merchandise/get more money.
    Cartoon Network hates action shows for crying out loud, I mean you've seen the treatment, and they're using it on Steven Universe right now because that's the only thing left aside Transformers: RID. Right now anything that's action on CN is screwed and that also will never change, so until Ben 10 is bought out to someone else, we're stuck with Ben 10 forever being comedies, no matter how many sequels we want.
    But that isn't the case at the moment, the point is, why would you get rid of something you love in fact, what is the whole point of this website anyway. Its for Ben 10, the love for all series, even some you don't like more than others, because the more you push your hate for Ben 10, the more it gets worse like the Reboot you guys asked for 4 years ago, and the more you won't ever get another series ever again, that's why people even make fun of it now, cause nobody has any hopes for Ben 10 and they think of it as a laughing stock, honestly that isn't even mature to do.
    If you hate Ben 10, go ahead, its not the show for you, but that doesn't mean you have to shove in everybody's face how much you only like one show and hate the others, or that you think Ben 10 is terrible, Ben 10 won't ever be like the original, and the more you convince them to do it, the more it gets worse, and not only that, you shouldn't even be demanding for another show like the original because we keep getting crap like this ever since Ultimate Alien, and that's why it died down like this, because kids aren't going to buy merchandise from a show that isn't the kind of thing they would watch, because it was being made for us because we were watching them get older, just like we were, and people our age don't mainly buy stuff like that anymore, especially from a franchise that was just starting out back then. The toys died down because it was a show being made for teens/adults, then the show tried to interact with kids by creating Omniverse, so they can make a sequel and be for kids, which failed miserably because it was both a sequel and it was hated by over-exaggerated reasons (Rook, No Gwevin, and Art Style) WHICH WASN'T EVEN THAT BAD, HELL IT IMPROVED THE BACKGROUND DESIGNING AND COLORS, and all people back then only cared about Gwevin, and rarely the aliens which honestly was stupid -_-. Then the Reboot happens and all of you won't shut up about how bad you think it is, who knows, maybe some people like it and they aren't even have a website like this to go to yet. I mean yes, even I can agree its not all that great, but it might be great to some people, and the more you guys outlash it like that, despite your respectful opinions, the more we won't even have a fanbase anymore, that's why there's a limited amount of websites for Ben 10 left. Because there's only this and BTFF, and Ben10toys.net died right after Omniverse and I feel bad for the guy that owns it because he's the only one who's trying to keep a site like that alive.
    Cartoon Network right now went from a channel for anyone to 6-12, and so did Ben 10, and so did every show that's on this channel right now. Until CN fires a lot of the bad people, and the president and scheduling guy atm (who were hired in 2014) step down, then we're not going anywhere from here, understand?
    Ben 10 won't change, even when we tell them to, it won't change til its removed from Cartoon Network, or they finally wake up and see that they need to go back to the route they were on before 2007, hell before 2012. The only good things that have happened since then are Toonami and Samurai Jack coming back, and Steven Universe. Meanwhile Adventure Time and Regular Show died down because despite how good they were, people stopped caring and we only get one slot of those shows a month because of the spam of Teen Titans Go.
    I rest my case.

  • @npzman making the reboot fail won't save Ben 10 you know, just wait till the series ends and see what happens. Killing the reboot isn't going to convince CN, yes I would love a serious Ben 10 show, but in just fine with this series as well and I'm giving it a chance.

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    I don't care if it's serious or comedy oriented. I want it CN to pick the series from where omniverse left off.

    Just like where omniverse picked up the series from where ultimate alien left off

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    @npzman they probably won't be doing that. Sorry dude.

  • @npzman wont happen omniverse wasn't recieved well enough to get a sequel

  • @npzman But Omniverse already ended though as well because the series wasn't well received in the toy department.

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    Well I don't buy any ben 10 toy in fact not even any toys . But because of the reboot I will
    go out of my way to not buy any ben 10 reboot toys just let it fail .

    I only watch their shows and play their games

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