Ben 10 2016 Reboot Episode Reviews: Cutting Corners/Don't Let the Bass Drop

  • Episode Links:
    Cutting Corners: http://nayavideo.com/ben102016s01e19cuttingcornershdtvx264-deadpool_v37120
    Don't Let the Bass Drop: http://nayavideo.com/ben102016s01e20dontletthebassdrophdtvx264-deadpool_v37118

    Episode Reviews:
    I'll be covering both of these episodes of the Ben 10 reboot since that they both showed up around the same time to each other and, even more so, both these episodes don't really offer much for the reboot show so this is going to be pretty short despite covering two episodes. Both of these episodes are pretty much arguably average but they're also very much just stupid and weak episodes of the show as well.

    Let's get to the first episode of this review, Cutting Corners. Ben, once again, ends up being responsible for causing more trouble and ends up pissing off a group of small goblins living in this one area full of trees within a park, not bothering to pay attention to the very clear warning that he was given before causing said trouble. Yeah, that's right, goblins. Little goblins. Much shorter than Ben himself. Never in this episode had I even considered them to be an actual threat. The team actually thought that having little goblins as villains is worth taking the time and resources in making an episode out of along with the many other pointless episodes that the Ben 10 reboot has? Instead of getting episodes that covers stuff such as Vilgax, Kevin, Charmcaster, the Plumbers and Max's history and involvement with them, the moment where BEN FIND THE OMNITRIX, etc, we get pointless episodes such as this one about Ben fighting little freakin goblins. Yeah, again, this episode is just stupid and there's not much else about this episode that I really need to cover here.

    Now the second episode of this review, Don't Let the Bass Drop. Let's start with the new villain, Lord Decibel. I guess he has some potential because he does look pretty decent in his design. His character design does also have some resemblance to a well known villain in the franchise, Eon. However, he was portrayed as just another generic villain that's motivated into doing his evil plan because he wants money. Lord Decibel isn't even much of a challenge for Ben to face as he ends up getting defeated and going down quite easily. Considering how all the other villains in this reboot show were treated as and implemented in previous episodes, I'm not expecting for Lord Decibel to be making any sort of improvements in future episodes. Since that this episode takes place at a concert, it's pretty obvious that the writers are going to implement many "I can't hear you jokes" into the episode as well. Those that follow my reviews should already know my stance on having repeating jokes done in such short periods of time. The ending to the episode was so stupid as well since that it makes Max just look so stupid, generic, and annoying. Max Tennyson, an absolute badass with a unique and entertaining personality reduced to the generic awkward and embarrassing grandfather character that is so far away from what made him such a great character to begin with. Not much else for me to go on with for this episode as well.

    So yeah, that's just it. Both these episodes are just pretty much stupid and weak and don't offer much for the Ben 10 reboot and the franchise as a whole. One episode is just so pointless to make and have while the other at the very least doesn't show much potential, if not worse. There's not much else about these episodes for me to cover here.

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