Ben 10 2016 Reboot Episode Review: Ben 24hrs

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    Another crappy episode and I consider this one to be among one of the worst in this reboot. This episode doesn't even have a villain for Ben to fight. This episode is just 11 minutes of comedic antics while establishing some new function with the Omnitrix that doesn't even make sense. That's pretty much it. It's a pointless episode.

    Ok, hang on there. I'm going to back up on this so that I can get to explaining why this episode was crap. So Ben and Gwen want to go to an amusement park called Adrenaland but Max has them go to bed instead because they're tired from their hike that day; especially since that Ben had been doing a lot of hero work lately as well, thus treating us to a flashback that showcases a meme. Yeah because memes and pop culture references are really what this show needs more of for jokes instead of doing something more original, clever, and subtle for comedy. Once again, unfortunately, Ben decides to be an idiot and binge watches an entire season of Sumo Slammers for the entire night and then decided to be arrogant and not get any more rest during the next day while Gwen and Max pretty much treat him like a baby because of it.

    Later on, Ben falls asleep and then ends up sleepwalking in his alien forms. Once again, the Omnitrix core just pops up without Ben interacting with it. Ben transforms into XLR8 and, with Gwen riding on top of him and trying to wake him up, Ben heads over to Adrenaland. Somehow, XLR8 was able to smash his way through a concrete wall without harming Gwen and without affecting XLR8 at all. That's not how XLR8 works, by the way.

    Once inside Adrenaland, it's just constant antic after antic of Ben transforming in-between a few of his alien forms and wrecking up the amusement park while Gwen tries to find a way to wake him up and stop him. Yeah, that's right. When Ben sleepwalks, for some reason, it causes the Omnitrix to activate and just somehow transforms Ben in-between his alien forms going from XLR8 to Water Hazard (Overflow, Water Hazard, whatever, they're the same exact aliens) to Cannonbolt. This would be an interesting feature for the Omnitrix to have...if it made sense for the Omnitrix to have this feature. However, this is really just a very dangerous design flaw as shown and proven in the episode. Sleepwalking in general can get really dangerous for those that are sleepwalking and for anyone that's around the sleepwalkers. Having the Omnitrix be able to do something like this only further makes the dangers of sleepwalking even worse. Why does the Omnitrix even do this? Again, it causes more harm than good. You would think that Azmuth, or whoever created the Omnitrix in this continuity, would want to make sure that stuff like this that are this dangerous DOESN'T happen. This isn't a new feature of the Omnitrix but instead a design flaw that's so obviously bad that, knowing Azmuth, should already have a safeguard to prevent from happening even if this Omnitrix is a prototype. It would make some more sense if that safeguard was tampered with by Ben but the only time the Omnitrix was ever tampered with by Ben in the reboot was in the episode Riding the Storm Out and the Omnitrix already rebooted itself to fix those very problems and damages that Ben caused. It baffles me that the writers don't notice stuff like this; that they don't notice the very problems that are created when they implement and establish elements like this. Just when I thought the Omnitrix couldn't get any more inconsistent in this reboot, the writers pull this crap out.

    Anyways, Gwen works with some of the staff to try and help wake Ben up so that he doesn't cause any more damage. They manage to knock Ben, as Cannonbolt, into the staff wearing the big sound horn on his chest so that he could blast Ben with a very loud noise to wake him up. Somehow, this guy was able to withstand Cannonbolt being flung into him. Apparently, that sound horn is waterproof as well because that same guy got blasted with Water Hazard's/Overflow's water cannon. Funny, apparently that sound horn is waterproof yet the drop tower ride that had electricity coursing around it (isn't that already dangerous to have on its own) isn't waterproof. The park has water rides too, you know...that people go to and get soaked in water from. How is this amusement park considered safe for people to go to?

    Anyways, you'd think that blasting Ben with that big sound horn at max volume would wake him up, right? You'd think that one of the best ways of waking up a sleepwalker would obviously work with waking Ben up, right? Nope. Ben, still as Cannonbolt, is still sleepwalking. They could've stopped there. The writers could've stopped there but no. Instead, Gwen managed to wake Ben up by telling him that another season of Sumo Slammers was posted online. That is what wakes Ben up. Not the loud noises. Not being electrocuted by the electric drop tower after spraying water at it. Not being crushed by said drop tower. Not anything else that happened except for Gwen telling him that another season of Sumo Slammers was posted online. That worked. That woke him up from his sleepwalking. (sigh)

    After realizing what happened, Ben transforms into Diamondhead (even though the Omnitrix just timed out after Ben woke up) and we get the scene of the episode that was showcased and previewed at San Diego Comic Con 2016. Ben fixes up and repairs the amusement park and Max, having not noticed the repairs that Ben made, takes Ben and Gwen back to the Rustbucket because they're too tired to go to Adrenaland again and that's when the episode ends.

    Yeah, again, it was a crappy and pointless episode. Poorly written and a lot of it doesn't even make sense. Doesn't have any villains in it either. It's just Ben causing quite a big mess and endangering many innocent lives because of how stupid he is and then cleans that very mess up. What the Omnitrix does in this episode doesn't even make sense. Gwen's solution to waking Ben up from his sleepwalking was just stupid and doesn't make sense considering what I already explained here. This episode has little to no purpose to be made and is definitely one of the worst episodes in the reboot right now. There's my review of this episode, folks.

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