Ben 10 2016 Reboot Episode Review: Animo Farm

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    Episode Review (contains spoilers):
    This episode was just ok. Stupid, annoying, and bland but just ok.

    While Gwen and Max are off to some corn festival, Ben ends up going to play football with a group of kids that constantly get trampled over by a group of bigger kids. Strange that Ben would even play football since that he's not much of the type of character that's even into sports. Also, these kids that are getting decimated by the larger kids are, for some reason, continuing to play against said larger kids instead of just leaving to go do something else. So what hand fisted moral is Ben learning this time? Learning teamwork. Wait, didn't Ben already learn that before in this reboot, I think? Oh whatever.

    Soon a mutant cow and...gorilla, I guess (I don't really know what that other mutant animal is)...start attacking the area to get feed from a nearby barn. Ben transforms into Stinkfly and just stands there as he gets knocked out by an easily avoidable attack before he even does anything (again?). Stinkfly gets captured and learns about the Accidental, which are mostly smaller and "weaker" mutant farm animals, and the Alphas, bigger and stronger mutant farm animals led by a mutant pig that treat the Accidentals like slaves and losers. An EMF shield is up, keeping Ben stuck in his Stinkfly form (great, because people really wanted to see more of reboot Stinkfly). Stinkfly tried to fight the mutant pig but his gas attack doesn't work because the mutant pig...is a pig and the stinkier it is...the better? Do the writers even know that pigs are actually some of the cleanest animals on a farm? No really, look it up and see what I mean. Ok so whatever, that doesn't work so how about Stinkfly just shoots goo at the pig instead. Oh wait, he never even thinks to do that. Great. Just great. Also, the mutant pig is pretty freakin annoying and thus an unlikable and forgettable villain.

    Realizing that Ben can't defeat the Alphas on his own, he convinced the Accidentals to work together to defeat the Alphas. There's one point where the mutant chicken gets launched through a fast spinning air duct fan and actually manages to make it through without being sliced to pieces. Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on that. Eventually a fight between the Accidentals and the Alphas ensues. Notice that I put the word "weaker" in quotations in the previous paragraph. Yeah, the Alphas get their asses hand to them very easily, which makes me think that the Accidentals never even tried to fight back. Ben uses Stinkfly's gas (again, why not use his goo instead of his gas) to make the mutant pig get high on said gas (yeah, that really did happen), distracting the mutant pig into getting knocked out. The generator powering the shield is destroyed, the Alphas get defeated, end of episode.

    Again, it's just an average episode. Bland, stupid, annoying, but overall just an ok episode with it also being arguably mediocre as well. A bit of a rushed review as well but recently I finished making a review of Riding the Storm Out and now I have to watch the episode Take 10 and make a review of that episode so things are pretty busy for me right now.

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