Ben 10 by different comic artist

  • Which comic or manga artist would you like to see draw a Ben 10 pic? I would love to see Hiro Mashima of Fairy Tail to draw Ben 10 as well as Bruce Timm of DCAU.

    If you don't know the artist name, just put his series or style.

  • with me I would I like to see jim balent and holly golightly from broadsword comics draw be10which jim balent also worked on catwoman and holly did some Sabrina the teenage witch and the other artist would the arist that did the hellsing manga

  • @KorseBLI-ND Love to see some Kouta Hirano Ben 10 art, he has a cool style. Also love to see Yusuke Murata ( One Punch Man and Eyeshield 21) do Ben 10 as well.

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