My Predictions on Ben 10 Hero Generation

  • I've been wanting to do something like this since it was revealed that Kevin and Charmcaster were indeed intended by MOA to be anti-heroes in the series. I just haven't been able to find the time to work on it because of work. Now I'm able to put in that needed time to make this page. It's going to be a pretty long post to read as well since that there's a lot to cover here. Basically, I want to give my prediction on how at least some or most of the events of Ben 10 Hero Generation would have likely played out based on everything that we already know about the show and MOA's intentions in the Ben 10 series. I'm also going to state certain directions and possibilities that could be taken with certain elements of Hero Generation while giving my opinions as to which direction would work best and how. These are just predictions though. Just what I think what Hero Generation would most likely be like and that's really it.

    First things first, let's take note of everything that is already known in regards to MOA's intentions and plans with Ben 10 after the Original Series. The plot of Hero Generation was supposed to be about a teenage Ben and Gwen training a group of kids with unique alien powers and abilities to become a new team of heroes, hence the name of the sequel, Ben 10 Hero Generation. Joe Kelly stated in his AMA on Reddit a while back that he prefers keeping Gwen's magic abilities over having her being half alien. Finally, as Duncan Rouleau stated on Tumblr, Kevin and Charmcaster were indeed always intended to be anti-heroes in the series. It can also be assumed that at least some elements of Alien Force would be used in Hero Generation since that Hero Generation also acted as an early version of Alien Force as well. It can also be assumed that since Hero Generation is something that Man of Action wanted to work on as the sequel to the Original Series, much of the continuity of the Original Series would be maintained such as the Plumbers having to remain as a disbanded secret Earth organization instead of being an intergalactic law enforcement agency that we saw in Alien Force. Gwen would also remain fully human.

    Let's start with characters:

    It's most likely that the group of kids that Ben and Gwen train and mentor are still intended to be the Plumbers' Kids. After all, it would have to make the most amount of sense that these kids would originate from Plumber operatives. These kids having alien parents wouldn't make a lot of sense; especially since that many of the Plumbers in the Original Series had pretty racially discriminative views towards aliens. Let's not forget to point out certain aspects such as Alan being half Pyronite (Heatblast). It would be better for the Plumbers' Kids to either have their DNAs spliced with alien DNA or for them to have their own less advanced versions of the Omnitrix built off of whatever research data the Plumbers would be able to collect from the Omnitrix and Ben. Now in order for one of those two directions to happen, the Plumbers would have to become operational again and for a good reason and the reason for the Plumbers opening back up again could very much be due to the events of the Original Series; especially with Vilgax showing back up on the map as well as a new threat showing up as well. Most likely the Highbreed. It's also likely that the Plumbers' Kids would either be at the same age as Ben and Gwen or younger. Either way, I'd say that this is the best way of implementing the Plumbers' Kids and therefore it's most likely that this would be in Hero Generation.

    Next up are Kevin and Charmcaster. As Duncan Rouleau stated, these two characters were always meant and intended by MOA to be anti-hero foils to Ben and Gwen. One thing that I've heard from others is how Kevin and Charmcaster would make a good villainous duo together and I can very much see that as being suitable and fitting for these characters considering their rivalry towards Ben and Gwen. Therefore, it would be fitting and favorable for Kevin and Charmcaster to team up with each other for a while. Like I mentioned before a while back though, I can definitely see Charmcaster being able to turn things around and for the better but not Kevin. The episode, Ken 10, even showed that Kevin eventually went back to his old ways. If Kevin were to become an ally of Ben and Gwen, I'd say that this would only be temporary and after a while he'll eventually end up going back to his old ways and become Ben and Gwen's enemy again. Therefore, for a while in Hero Generation, Kevin would be a reluctant or occasional ally to Ben and Gwen. He'll have to put more time and effort into earning their trust in Hero Generation than what was shown in Alien Force as well. Ben and Gwen would certainly be more cautious around him as well. Once they do eventually grow to trust Kevin though would most likely be the best moment where Kevin would turn on them and be hostile towards them again. Either Kevin would screw up but not accept responsibility for his actions leading to Ben and Gwen to have to take matters into their own hands to apprehend Kevin or Kevin could just be faking an alliance with Ben and Gwen in order to get close enough to them to make his move and get the drop on them. That's how I think Kevin would be best implemented in Hero Generation. Either he does genuinely change sides only to later screw up and be tempted enough to return back to his old ways or him allying with Ben and Gwen is all part of Kevin's plan to get the drop on them when they least expect it.

    The same could go with Charmcaster as well where she would also feign wanting to ally with Ben and Gwen just so she could get the drop on them as well. Maybe. However, unlike Kevin, Charmcaster would be less tempted to return to her old ways and actually genuinely turn her life around. When I made the topic page about Kevin and Charmcaster intended to be anti-heroes, I gave that analogy in relation to "The Killing Joke" Batman comic/film where having one bad day can make the sanest person go insane flowed up by how having one good day can have a significant and more positive effect on someone as well. I can definitely see this happening to Charmcaster where during her attempts of trying to defeat Ben and Gwen or spending time with them faking being an ally, Charmcaster would find herself experiencing and appreciating having some good moments in her life that would help build up to her eventual and genuine transition into being a more hero-type character. The tipping point that would finally set off this very transition would be when Charmcaster would finally end up being sick and tired of her uncle, Hex's, treatment of her and finally fight back and make a stand against him with maybe some help from Ben and Gwen. Hex would be defeated and Charmcaster would finally be free from her uncle and be able to live a new life, putting her villainous past behind her once and for all.

    Finally we got Ben and Gwen themselves. Due to the events of the Original Series, Ben and Gwen would certainly be much better characters than they were back when the series first started. Ben could still be his old self being egocentric, impulsive, and fun-loving but he would most certainly be more focused and determined with his role as a hero as well. After all, Ben would be mentoring a group of kids to become new heroes. Gwen could also still have elements of her old self as well as having elements of being more relaxed and fun-loving due to her spending time with Ben. As for their relationship with each other, it's still unknown as to whether or not they would end up being a romantic couple together but one thing that is for certain is that Ben and Gwen would have a much stronger and more friendly and caring relationship with each other. The strongest relationship in Hero Generation, in fact, since that they're the main characters. Again, this is regardless as to whether or not Bwen would happen in Hero Generation.

    Now we get to part 2 and that's the story:

    How would the story of Hero Generation go? Since that at least some elements of Alien Force may have likely originated from Hero Generation, it can be reasonable that the plot of Hero Generation is largely the same as Alien Force. Going in chronological order of events, if Hero Generation had the element of Ben having removed the Omnitrix and retiring from being a hero, there would have to be a good, strong reason for this. Reasons such as Ben just wanting to stop being a hero because he's tired of it would most certainly not work; especially since that it would be very much out of character for Ben. Therefore, there has to be an outside force that would lead to Ben's temporary retirement. Something tragic and significant. In the OS episode, Ben 10,000, it was revealed that Ben eventually killed Vilgax. I believe it wasn't stated when though. It was stated that Ben becomes Ben 10,000 at the age of 15 but I don't think they made the connection to that with Ben killing Vilgax. Considering Vilgax's significance in the series and his hatred towards Ben, Vilgax would certainly try to make more attempts to go after Ben soon after the events of Secret of the Omnitrix. I can see how soon after the events of the Original Series, Vilgax went after Ben again and things didn't end so well. Something tragic would happen such as maybe Vilgax's next battle with Ben would result in the deaths of many innocent people or someone or some of those close to Ben almost died (most likely at least Gwen since that she's so important to Ben). If Hero Generation would have the element of Ben having a temporary period of retirement, I'd say that this would be the best direction at which to handle that and I think it's most likely possible that this is what could have been intended to happen. Vilgax is great and significant to the series but he's not the type of villain that would stick around for long considering his untimely demise as revealed in the first future episode.

    Moving on to current events of Hero Generation, the Plumbers would be operational again and Ben and Gwen face a new threat that would pull them out of retirement. It's most likely that the Highbreed would end up being the main threat in Hero Generation much like how they were in Alien Force. The Plumbers would give the Plumbers' Kids their alien powers and abilities through either DNA splicing or having duplicate, less advanced Plumbers versions of the Omnitrix with only one DNA sample. This would be a response to the events of the Original Series as well as the new Highbreed threat towards Earth while Ben and Gwen would take charge in mentoring and training the Plumbers' Kids and making them into a new team of heroes. Kevin and Charmcaster could likely team up together to face Ben and Gwen. Either they fake having an alliance to build up Ben and Gwen's trust in order to get close to them and get the drop on them or Ben and Gwen could defeat Kevin and Charmcaster and make them reluctant allies to help out in facing the new alien threat. Again, Gwen remains fully human.

    By the end of it all, Hero Generation would end with these outcomes; some of them being likely to happen while some are guaranteed to happen. Charmcaster would turn her life around for the better. Kevin would return back to his old villainous ways and most likely would be sent back to the Null Void. The Highbreed, or whatever the alien threat is, would be defeated. Vilgax would be dead, killed by Ben. Most importantly of all, Hero Generation would mark Ben's transition into Ben 10,000. How can this be done? It could be the result of the conflict and aftermath of the Highbreed attack on Earth. It could involve the conflict between Ben and Kevin. If the subplot of Ben's temporary retirement before Hero Generation doesn't happen, then it could involve a battle between Ben and Vilgax with the possibility of Vilgax and Kevin teaming up with each other again. One thing that would be certain though would be that it would most likely end tragically on a personal note for Ben and Gwen with either there being a lot of destruction and loss of many innocent lives or more personally with Gwen, and maybe any others that are close to Ben, getting hurt and/or killed as a result of the climax of Hero Generation. Gwen, and even Max, would most certainly not die since that she has to live for the future events in the Ben 10 series but it could be possible that any other friends and/or family members that Ben has could get hurt or killed as well. Either way, regardless of these possible directions and outcomes, things wouldn't end well for Ben, sparking his transition into Ben 10,000.

    Once again, these are just predictions based on what is known about Hero Generation so far. I could be wrong with any of this. Or at least most since that there are some events that would indeed happen in the Ben 10 series due to the continuity of the future episodes. If anyone has any thoughts and opinions, feel free to post them on this page. If anyone has their own sets of predictions for Hero Generation that they want to share (maybe even add to my predictions), feel free to post on here as well. There may be more about this topic that I might post on here as well.

  • Nice theory... Now I kinda want to see the reboot's timeline to get more serious as Ben and Gwen grow up (I think the reboot itself, being slightly lighter and softer, is pretty awesome) to see something like that happening.

  • ah yea I would love to see hero generation

  • There may be some things that I missed as well that I might mention later on or anyone can feel free to point out for me. Whichever happens.

    One thing that I did forget to mention is the Limax Wars of 2017, which was stated to have happened through the pop-up edition of the "Ben 10,000" episode in the OS. It was mentioned since that it was the war that resulted in Max Tennyson losing his right arm. I'm not sure if this would fit into the time period of Hero Generation though. It may be too far into the timeline to happen during Hero Generation. Still, it could also be possible that the alien threat in Hero Generation could be the Limax and not the Highbreed. Maybe but I don't think it's likely. It's still something that's worth mentioning though.

  • that sounds interesting

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    Whats pop up edition of ben 10,000

  • @james Cartoon Network one time did a marathon or something of the likes where they would re-air episodes of the Original Series while popping up little facts and trivia about the show during the episodes. Some or most of the pop ups inputted more into the Ben 10 lore such as the Limax Wars of 2017 that resulted in Max Tennyson losing his right arm. I think this was done in preparation for the premiere of Alien Force but yeah, that happened.

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  • @james Your welcome

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Very good and interesting prediction, I wonder if its true

  • @Ben-10-Fan To figure that out, we would have to ask Man of Action themselves and that's if they're willing to respond back with a proper answer.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa it would be interesting if they do comment on it

  • I might give it a try on asking MOA more about Hero Generation. Otherwise, if anyone else wants to give it a try, be my guest and go ahead.

  • I would ah where do I send the message to tactical

  • @KorseBLI-ND Just look up MOA on Twitter or Facebook or whatsoever.

  • okay thanks I will do that tactical

  • @KorseBLI-ND Good luck.

  • thanks tactical

  • Anyone else have any thoughts and opinions on my predictions of Hero Generation?

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    @Tactical-Ochoa said in My Predictions on Ben 10 Hero Generation:

    Anyone else have any thoughts and opinions on my predictions of Hero Generation?

    Well technically its not predictions since that implies that it is happening and Hero Generation is not happening.
    Overall i think your thoughts are pretty good. I wouldve loved to see a Hero Generation show but i am also fine with how alien force turned out. Maybe they can do hero generation with a reboot sequel.

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