Z'Skayr Possesses Ben Idea

  • There is one such idea that I have that was inspired by Ben 10 fan art that I saw and Ben 10 fan fiction stories that I read and that I believe would be a great concept to add into the Ben 10 series and that I would like to share with others on this website. What I would like to see in the Ben 10 series is a season of a Ben 10 show that would focus on Z'Skayr being the main villain for Ben to face. As obviously revealed in the title of this page, the twist in this is that Z'Skayr would actually succeed in possessing Ben and taking control of his body as what Z'Skayr originally intended in the Original Series and as seen in the episode "Ghostfreaked Out" when Z'Skayr possessed Gwen to use against Ben. Yeah, the Omnitrix does have a security measure to prevent Z'Skayr from doing this by transforming Ben into one of his aliens (since that Z'Skayr can't possess Ben in his alien forms) as shown in that very same episode but there's always a way around that very security measure. Maybe Z'Skayr could try to possess Ben when he least expects it. Catch Ben by surprise.

    What I believe would make this idea more unique is adding in elements of psychological horror for the purpose of fitting into the characteristics of Z'Skayr and the situations that Ben, and even Gwen, would find themselves in when encountering Z'Skayr; especially when Z'Skayr possesses Ben. Just place the main characters in tension-filled situations where they would really find themselves struggling in. Put Ben and Gwen in situations that are just truly scary and tense. Just imagine what Ben would be going through once Z'Skayr possesses him. The sheer struggle that he would be facing just trying to battle Z'Skayr inside his mind, fighting to regain control of himself. Can psychological horror elements work in a kid-friendly cartoon show? Yeah, it can just as long as each card is played right.

    One aspect to take note of is, again, the episode "Ghostfreaked Out" when, again, Z'Skayr possessed Gwen. This sadistic alien nearly forced her to jump off a building roof and kill herself against her will. That's got to leave a traumatizing effect on Gwen. Yeah, she had faced many near-death scenarios but still, that was one messed up situation that she ended up in. Therefore, I believe it would be a nice touch for Gwen to develop a phobia (fear) for Ectonurites, thus adding more tension to the encounters with Z'Skayr. Unfortunately, there is the Ben 10 Reboot that is, at the time of this post being made, currently being produced and made. Therefore, it would be currently unknown if the episode "Ghostfreaked Out" would be replicated in the reboot or not. Still, this could add nicely to the struggle that Gwen would have to face when Z'Skayr possesses Ben and that she would have to find some way to save her cousin from the very thing that Gwen could fear the most.

    If I were to make the story out of this idea, here is what my beginning, middle, and end would be. My story on this idea would best apply if I only take into account of the events of the Original Series and not include the sequels or if the Ben 10 Reboot does replicate every event of the Original Series involving Z'Skayr. My other topic page, "Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot." The approach for a sequel reboot that I discussed and argued for is where this idea and my approach to the story aspect of this idea would work best in. If this idea doesn't end up happening in the Ben 10 series, then maybe I can take this idea and make a fan fiction story out of it if I'm interested in doing so.

    So, here's my approach to the story aspect of this idea. In the Original Series, the last time the main characters encountered Z'Skayr resulted in Z'Skayr being defeated and ending up back inside the Omnitrix. Therefore, Z'Skayr would have to escape from the Omnitrix again. Maybe an encounter between Ben, Gwen, and Zombozo that is similar to that of the episode "Last Laugh" could lead to Ben using Ghostfreak against Zombozo again, resulting in Z'Skayr breaking out of the Omnitrix again. As the season would progress, Ben and Gwen would have their encounters with Z'Skayr. Once again, psychological horror elements would be used to make some pretty scary and tense situations. Other than that, this first segment of the season would be mostly basic.

    After that part is when things will really kick into gear. Once the season/story reaches somewhere between half to three-quarters of the way through, Z'Skayr would make his attempt to possess Ben and succeed in doing so. However, unlike when Z'Skayr possesses other people, Ben will initially be more difficult for him to control. Ben will fight against Z'Skayr to maintain his control over himself for a good while but eventually, Z'Skayr will manage to gain control of Ben's body. I was thinking that when this happens, it will result in an outcome where Gwen gets "killed" by Z'Skayr. Now, take note that I put the word "killed" in quotes. What I'm referring to here is that Gwen would either be knocked unconscious or would apparently die but later get resuscitated and revived back to life. Either way, when Gwen "dies" (again, either be knocked unconscious or be apparently killed), Ben will become aware of this and that him failing to stop Z'Skayr let to this outcome (thus making him feel guilty and responsible for Gwen's "death") and thus leave Ben mentally weak enough for Z'Skayr to take full control of Ben and leave the area.

    After this part, Gwen would soon after be revived and would go out to find and save Ben from Z'Skayr. Eventually she does track down her cousin and will thus get into a confrontation with Z'Skayr. Once again, there would be elements of horror and tension as Gwen would basically play a game of "cat and mouse" with Z'Skayr while trying to find a way to save Ben from the Ectonurite's control. Eventually, Gwen would be able to overcome her phobia and gain the upper hand. She would then use a spell to enter into Ben's mind in order to search for him. During this, because Ben believed that Gwen "died," he would be mentally weak and broken and at the brink of losing hope. As a result of this, Ben's mind would be breaking down and on the verge of collapse thus Gwen must hurry to find her cousin before it's too late. When Gwen does find Ben, she would reveal to him that she is alive and helps Ben recover. In a last ditch effort to stop Gwen and destroy Ben, Z'Skayr will attack again.

    Now, there were two approaches to the ending that I thought about. One was that Ben would be able to overpower Z'Skayr and force him out of Ben's body. In the real world, Ben and Gwen will battle Z'Skayr and use a strong light source (either force him into sunlight or Ben would use HeatBlast or something) to kill him for good. However, Z'Skayr has been burnt to a crisp a couple times from sunlight yet manage to survive. Plus, I didn't think it was as satisfying as my second ending approach and that is that Ben would weaken and defeat Z'Skayr within his mind. Knowing how dangerous Z'Skayr is in the real world, Ben would decide to be the hero that he is and keep Z'Skayr trapped deep with Ben's mind. An inescapable prison. If anyone has seen the ending to the video game Batman Arkham Knight, that is what I meant. Ben would leave Z'Skayr weak and trapped within his mind with no means of escape in order to prevent Z'Skayr from causing any more damage and harm. Z'Skayr wouldn't be killed but he would be stopped for good. considering that Z'Skayr would be trapped within Ben's mind, if Ben ever dies, Z'Skayr would die with him. Either way, Ben would defeat Z'Skayr and Z'Skayr would be imprisoned within Ben's mind weak and with no means of escape, and finally, Ben wins and Z'Skayr no longer becomes a treat to anyone any more.

    As an added optional bonus, Ben would regain Ghostfreak as one of his alien forms to use in battle. Because of Z'Skayr's defeat, Ben would be strong enough to maintain full control of Ghostfreak whenever he decides to use that alien form. Either that or because, again, Z'Skayr is imprisoned within Ben's mind, his consciousness within Ghostfreak would be replaced with Ben's consciousness, therefore, again, granting Ben full control of Ghostfreak without having to worry about any negative consequences of using that alien form. Something like that.

    There we go. That's my idea for the Ben 10 series and that's my approach to how I would implement that idea. If anyone has any thoughts and opinions, feel free to post them on this page. I also have an idea for a Ben 10 video game that I thought about and will likely share as well sometime after I post this. Maybe but very likely.

  • Oh yeah. This is the fan art and fan fiction stories that brought a lot of inspiration for this idea. Credit to the very people that made these. The fan art is very well done and the fan fiction stories are really nicely made. Too bad the stories aren't finished; especially the first one.

    Fan Art

    Fan Fiction
    https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11066446/1/Ghost-Bound (first two chapters)

  • Well, I just realized that I made a spelling mistake with the villain that I discussed in regards to his name. It's not "Z'Skayr." It's actually "Zs'Skayr" so my mistake in case anyone caught on to that.

  • I realized that I forgot to discuss the length at which Ben would be possessed by Zs'Skayr. Really, I'd say that I would only have Zs'Skayr possess Ben in only two episodes of this story arc idea and it would be the final two or three episodes. Here is how I would plan it out.

    In the third to last episode, it would end with Zs'Skayr surprising Ben and entering his body in an attempt to possess him. This would happen off screen in an attempt to keep it a secret from the audience and to also build up on a plot twist and to build up tension. Ben would act as if he's petrified and filled with fear knowng what just happened to him but wouldn't be able to warn anyone because Zs'Skayr would prevent him from doing so.

    In the second to last episode, Ben would go through a mental battle to fight off Zs'Skayr's control but it would be a losing battle. As I stated before, the outcome of Zs'Skayr eventually being able to take control of Ben would result in Gwen being severely injured, knocked unconscious, or die only to be later revived but Ben would believe that Gwen died, thus leaving Ben mentally weak and vulnerable enough for Zs'Skayr to take absolute full control of Ben's body.

    In the final episode, Zs'Skayr would only have control of Ben's body for somewhere between I'd say half the final episode. Gwen would be revived and go out to save Ben and the rest of the story that I explained would happen. Either way, Zs'Skayr would only have control of Ben's body for half of the final episode where Zs'Skayr would battle it out with Gwen. The other half of the final episode would be Gwen searching for and finding Ben within his mind and then Ben managing to defeat Zs'Skayr and entrap him deep within Ben's mind, stopping Zs'Skayr for good.

    That's my approach for the length at which Zs'Skayr would possess Ben.

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    Its a very interesting idea it reminds me of marvels jessica jones where as ben and jessica alike have no control over their actions while being possessed ands its even more funny that both Zs'Skayr and the purple man/Kilgraves main colors are purple. Ben would be traumatized just like jessica is. It would add a new layer to the show in that it shows that even though ben and jessica alike have super powers in those moments they are completely powerless. I can even see the ending being how bens will forces ghostfreak out just like how Jessicas unwillingness to kill a person made purple man lose his grip on her and never ben able to control her again.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Nice comparison. My ending though would be that Ben would eventually overpower Zs'Skayr and then leave him trapped deep inside Ben's mind. Kind of like in Batman Arkham Knight. I mentioned this ending in my third to last paragraph of my first post on this page. Still, it's a nice comparison. I'm not much into Jessica Jones though. I'm not really a Marvel fan here.

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    Yeah im a big marvel fan so its nice to find something to compare it to totally different tones but could have a similar story. Yeah i saw that in your 3rd paragraph you just wrote so much i kinda just skimmed it.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Yeah, I know I type a lot. It's something that I just ended up getting into the habit of when discussing my thoughts and opinions and ideas.

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    Lol must make writing essays easy for you. I could think paragraphs about this but when it comes to putting it on paper or screen in this case i just cant write alot. Its very interesting because when you think about it Zs'skayr is a very power villian in that he not only controls people he has a whole army of ectonurites by his side. Anyone else think its super creepy when he controls someone and there body kinda cracks especially considering that when ben controls someone they dont crack.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Sometimes, certain subjects that I want to discuss just pops into my head. After some thinking with those subjects, I already pretty much got what I want and need to talk about ready to go and typed onto these posts. It could take me at least half an hour to type up an entire page worth of stuff once I know what I'm going to put down.

    That last part with Zs'Skayr and Ben controlling people is, I believe, an oversight in Omniverse. I think really if Ben used Ghostfreak to possess and control someone, we would get the same cracks on those people's bodies that we would see with Zs'Skayr. I take it you saw the fan art and fan fiction that I linked, huh?

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    yeah i did see the fan art but i was thinking about Gwen and some of the kids in the episode being possessed they all get cracks but when Ben possesses someone (i cant think of any specific time at the moment) they don't crack.

  • @Omni-Triforcer I believe Ben only used Ghostfreak to possess someone in Omniverse. No attempt in the Original Series because Ben didn't even know he could do that with Ghostfreak. No attempt in Alien Force because Ben didn't have and never used Ghostfreak. Maybe an attempt Ultimate Alien but it failed. It was only Omniverse with possibly only Michael Morningstar. Again, likely an oversight. I even doubt the writers of Omniverse even watched the Original Series or didn't watch it enough.

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    yeah i dont think darkstar had cracks when he was possessed. I dont remember did Zs'Skayr possess someone in omniverse?

  • @Omni-Triforcer Omniverse episode "From Hedorium to Eternity" and guess what, no cracks on anyone that was possessed by any Ectonurite; even from Zs'Skayr. Everyone that was possessed only closed one of their eyes to signify Ectonurites only having one eye. Another reason why that episode is one of the worse episodes in Omniverse, alongside all the ridiculous and stupid continuity errors. That episode was only there for fan service too. There was no reason for it to be there and it was just a waste of an episode.


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    @Tactical-Ochoa said:

    @Omni-Triforcer Omniverse episode "From Hedorium to Eternity" and guess what, no cracks on anyone that was possessed by any Ectonurite; even from Zs'Skayr. Everyone that was possessed only closed one of their eyes to signify Ectonurites only having one eye. Another reason why that episode is one of the worse episodes in Omniverse, alongside all the ridiculous and stupid continuity errors. That episode was only there for fan service too. There was no reason for it to be there and it was just a waste of an episode.


    Oh that episode ugh that episode really got me annoyed all the continuity errors a character that came outta nowhere and ben and kevin supposidly like kevin now when they didnt like him till af. I dont see how that episode was fanservice though besides that fact that it was centered around young ben

  • @Omni-Triforcer Yeah, that's what I meant by fan service. It solely focused on young Ben and Gwen. Well, at least that's what I believe is what made that episode fan service or something.

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