Why is it so much hate on Alien Force season 3 and Ultimate Alien?

  • In don't understand it. I generally love those parts of the show, but everybody else hates them. I understand the hate Omniverse and the Reboot gets, even though I love the Reboot, but not this. Was it because Ben was more arrogant at that time, or was it the colosoal amount of deaths in Ultimate Alien?

  • @Mortie-10 The reason might be because they tried to be too serious most of the time, but I think the real reason is because of Ben reverting back to his bad habits (like the huge ego and arrogance as well as the fame getting to his head) when he was 10. Wish they kept him mature instead of making him act like kid Ben because of fans complaining how much they love Kid Ben more than Teen Ben.

  • @Mortie-10 Ben being more arrogant and obnoxious is one good reason. Other than that, there was a lot about season 3 of Alien Force that many weren't happy about. The way they treated Vilgax is another reason. Vilgax was a ruthless, fearful, power hungry, warlord that only cared about himself. He had to use robotic drones because he was so fearful and threatening that no one wanted to help him. The way that Vilgax was in season 3 of Alien Force showed that the writers understood very little of what made the Original Series great and that they knew little about the Original Series. Vilgax, a wanted warlord, follows intergalactic rules to fight Ben? Vilgax showing care towards his own species? Vilgax begs for Ben's help? That's not what Vilgax is. That's not how Vilgax works. So yeah, that's another thing that many were pissed off about. There were also other reasons why many disliked and criticized Alien Force season 3 as well but I believe that Ben being more arrogant and obnoxious and the way that Vilgax was treated as were the most major reasons.

    As for Ultimate Alien, it's not because of the many deaths in that show. It was because Ultimate Alien was a crappy show. The Ultimate Forms for Ben's aliens was more of a gimmick just to sell more toys and some of the new aliens introduced to the series were pretty much just copies of other aliens (not like a lot of the aliens in Alien Force were copies of some of the Original Series aliens anyways). The biggest contender though was the story, which was crap. The story was slow, uninteresting, filled with filler episodes, etc. There was a lot of bullshit in the show as well, such as Ultimate Ben and the even more retcons that were made. Overall, there were a lot of problems with Ultimate Alien that really screwed it up. I heard that it's currently the lowest rated show in the Ben 10 franchise. Ultimate Alien's merchandise sales did so terrible that it even tanked Omniverse's merchandise sales. Barely anyone were interested in buying Omniverse merchandise and most retail stores didn't even want to sell them because of Ultimate Alien's poor sales.

    That's at least my take on why so many hate Alien Force season 3 and Ultimate Alien. They were just overall crap.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I respect that you think its crap, but Ben 10: Ultimate Alien was the best show in my opinion. And whats wrong with the ultimate forms? They was one of the reason I liked it. And how could the toy sales say it was bad? The show itself could be good anyway. I mean the Ultimate Aggregor arc was epic and even more the Diagon arc. And I don't think Vilgax was different from the original (besides his voice and appearence). He knew the Galactic laws could give him benefits. And the thing about caring about his own people does make sense. I mean, why would he hate his own species? Protecting them and become their warlord give him respect and power. Vilgax enjoys being their leader, which is why his ultimate dream is to become the leader of the universe. I respect your opinions Tactical-Ochoa, but nobody havent given me a good enough reason why Ultimate Alien sucks.

  • @Mortie-10 I'm referring to what people think. Yes those are my opinions but they're also the opinions of many others towards Ultimate Alien. The terrible toy sales further shows the overall reception for Ultimate Alien as well. Toy sales don't determine the success of a show but they do show just how much support some fans are willing to give. That's why shows such as the original PPG and Ben 10 had such huge success in the sales of merchandise. They were great shows that many got invested in and buying all that merchandise showed just how big of fans many viewers were and how much they wanted to support those shows. Having high merchandise sales is the result of a great show building up a strong fanbase, something that Cartoon Network apparently doesn't understand. Again, doesn't determine the success of a show and is just an optional factor but it can show how supportive and invested the fanbase is to the show.

    I didn't say that Vilgax hates his species. I said that Vilgax only cares about himself. And yes, Vilgax was different from the Original Series. He was ruthless, cunning, fearful, intelligent, etc and Alien Force season 3 ended up discrediting some of those characteristics about him. Do you really think that Vilgax would just show up on Earth, announce his presence, and declare a battle between him and Ben, giving Ben a time window to prepare for it? No, Vilgax would do what he did in the Original Series and that is attack and ambush Ben when he least expects it.

    What's wrong with the Ultimate Forms? Well first off, they made Ben even more powerful and Alien Force already made Ben too powerful and unbalanced. Second, some of the Ultimate Forms don't make sense since that it works off an evolution feature of the Ultimatrix (Humungousaur firing rockets out of his arms, for example). Third and again, it was a gimmick just to sell more toys and just so they didn't have to add any more new aliens than what they've added.

    The first season was a good start and the Diagon story did have some potential but that doesn't mean that they didn't have their problems. There are still the numerous amounts of filler episodes that dragged Ultimate Alien on for way too long and sidetracked the main story too often. Some filler episodes were pretty good but many others were pretty bad. When I went back and re-watched Ultimate Alien, I found myself skipping so many episodes because I wanted to get to the main story and I was getting bored out of my mind over all the filler episodes that Ultimate Alien had. Many have found the ending to be quite anticlimactic and I agree. It was a really crappy and generic ending. The pacing of the main story was just really bad. The first season didn't really end that well either. Many criticized how Ben just suddenly went a full 180 on his behavior and morals during the conflict with the mutated Kevin even going so far out of line and out of character that Ben even attacked Gwen (the one person he cared about the most) for opting to save Kevin, not listening to her reasoning at all.

    If you like Ultimate Alien, that's fine. I'm just explaining to you as to why there was so much hate towards Alien Force season 3 and Ultimate Alien. You asked the question as to why there's so much hate towards them. I am answering that question for you. Most, if not all, of what I mentioned here are reasons for why there is so much hate towards Alien Force season 3 and Ultimate Alien. You don't have to agree with it but that's why there's so much hate.

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    I felt alien force was good for the part of my life i was in. I was just getting older starting to think more logical about things and not everything was fun and games anymore. Its actually funny how during omniverse was when i actually started to have fun and go out more and omniverse was basically all about fun. So i feel every ben 10 show was good for the part of my life im in.
    Its funny even the reboot fits into my life stage. I just got a job am going to college so alot of things are changing just like how ben 10 is changing.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Ok, ok. I understand. Don't wanna discuss this with you anymore

  • ah with me I did not like alien force and ultimate alien because with alien force they had ben working with kevin and gwen falling in love with him and also with ultimate alien what they did to vilgax

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