Artwork and a New Alien

  • A user by the name of chronosapien234 had recently informed me about some artwork for Ben's aliens in the Ben 10 Reboot as well as information on one of the new aliens. chronosapien234 claimed that a family friend auditioned for the voice of one of the new aliens and that the artwork is only given to those who auditioned. Also, he/she made a promise not to show the artwork to anyone. Honestly, I don't know if this information is 100% correct, true, and official. I need more than that to confirm that the information is right. Therefore, I'd suggest that anyone who reads this to at least take this information with a grain of salt or whatever the saying is. To be cautious yet optimistic about it. Until I get something that gives the information a full 100% confirmation, there is a chance that this may not be true. Still, one thing that I will appreciate about this info is that it is better than nothing and I at least appreciate that chronosapien234 at least released and shared something about the Ben 10 Reboot. I am willing to give him/her credit for that. Still, be cautious about this info yet remain optimistic.

    So what did this user reveal about the artwork for Ben's aliens? Well, it's not much but, again, it is better than nothing. Let's start with the new alien. What this person revealed is that this new alien for Ben will be very…wet. Likely a water-based alien. Either it will have the abilities and attributes similar to Water Hazard and/or Arctiguana and/or live in a water environment like Ripjaws. That's really just it.

    As for Ben's other aliens, what chronosapien234 stated is that so far, Stinkfly and Wildvine were redesigned to look more human. To have a more humanoid appearance. I don't know about Ben's other aliens as I am waiting to see what this person says about them. Other than that, Stinkfly and Wildvine are stated to be in the Ben 10 Reboot and, again, were redesigned to have a more humanoid appearance.

    I will update this page as I gather more information about the artwork. Again, I don't know if this information is true. I need more than an excuse that a "family friend attended an audition and was given the artwork." I need something such as documentation in the form of a letter, email, etc. and/or multiple sources making a claim that people going to these auditions are receiving the reboot artwork and/or even seeing the artwork myself, whether it's from chronosapien234 (who again promised not to show the artwork) or anyone else. Until then, anyone who reads this should not take this information for granted until I get a proof of confirmation.

    I will also be making a post on my other topic page giving my thoughts and analysis on this information soon. If anyone has any thoughts and opinions on this, feel free to post a comment on this topic page. If anyone has any information about the Ben 10 Reboot that they are willing to share to me, feel free to comment on this topic page or message me through chat. Here is the link to my other topic page about the Ben 10 Reboot if anyone hasn't read it yet and is interested in reading it.


  • This Information is all true!

  • @chronosapien234 I'll take your word for it but I'd still rather have something more that confirms it. Documentation, other sources, etc. I guess it's credible enough though.

  • Here is an update on the artwork for the Ben 10 Reboot. chronosapien234 states that Gwen has a more childish appearance and looks a lot younger. Basically, like Ben, Gwen will look like a five-year-old even though she is supposed to be ten-years-old. Max will be wearing a fishing vest while also looking a lot more muscular mostly in the torso and chest area on him.

  • I think I'm the only one who doesn't see any problem with both Ben and Gwen looking younger... I know three 10-year-olds who look younger than they are! My brother (although he'll be 10 in one week and he's somewhat tall) and two of his many friends.

  • @GoodVibes1999 If you don't see a problem with that, that's fine. The problem is that it just looks strange, out of place, inaccurate, and overall just wrong. It also shows just how unfitting the flash art design of the Ben 10 Reboot is for the reboot and the series in general. I say it's flash art because well, it looks like flash art. In the Ben 10 Original Series, Ben and Gwen looked exactly their age. They look like that they're actually 10-years-old. The reboot Ben looks too goofy and ridiculous due to the art design that's being used here and that's a big problem. The overall point here is that while graphics are not as important as the story, characters, elements, etc., they are still a major contributor to any form of animation. Video games, cartoon shows, etc. The overall point here is that flash art doesn't work for Ben 10. It doesn't fit the style of the Ben 10 series. It doesn't work with the elements of the Ben 10 series; especially the action elements and dark, bizarre, and realistic moments of the Ben 10 Original Series that I pointed out on my topic page. If the reboot is not using flash art, then it looks too cartoony for Ben 10 (yeah, I know it's a cartoon show but I'll explain the point of this in the next paragraph). It just doesn't work and the image of the Reboot Ben and the way that chronosapien234 explained some of the artwork is an example of that.

    It is better to have an art design for a cartoon action show that is based off of Japanese anime. Or really, it pretty much works for almost any cartoon show just as long as it fits the style of that show. Yeah it's more complex, difficult, and time consuming to make but the payoff is worth it. There's a reason why so many viewers like the artwork of Japanese anime and western animation based off of Japanese anime. For the action shows, it suits the action much better than flash art. It allows the action elements to flow and work better. There is also the fact that it's more flexible to use than flash art. As far as I know, flash art just fits a more comedic style based off of most cartoon shows that use it. Examples such as Chowder, Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, and unfavorably Teen Titans Go and Ben 10 Omniverse back this up. Anime and Western Anime (as I will call it as) is more flexible with various different styles and elements. Comedy, action, horror, dark moments, etc. Finally, it just looks better. Yeah, a lot of kids like flash art cartoons but anime and western anime just looks more appealing and better. Teens like it better, adults like it better, and even kids like it better (something that Cartoon Network apparently missed out on). It just looks better. There's a reason why most action shows use anime and western anime as their art design and animation style and these factors are I believe the reason why. Examples of shows that use western anime are Teen Titans, Batman and Superman shows, Justice League, Generator Rex, Young Justice, Ben 10, Avatar The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, etc. All very popular and great shows. All having an art design that is more favorable and likable by kids, teens, and adults than flash art.

    Now yeah, Ben and Gwen looking half their age in the reboot is not that big of a deal alone but when it comes to the style of Ben 10 (especially the Original Series) and the art design that is being used for the Ben 10 Reboot, then yeah, this is a big problem because it shows just how unsuitable it is. The Original Series is a cartoon show with action and comedy elements but it's also has some really dark, bizarre, and realistic moments (aka Man of Action's style as I again stated before on my topic page) and the anime-based art design of the Original Series suits that style. The Reboot art design, flash art or not, is just too cartoony to fit and work with that style and those elements. Again, Ben and Gwen looking half their actual age is not that much of a big deal by itself but when it comes to the overall point of having an art design that suits the style of the show, it very much is a big problem here. I may be wrong but that's my opinion on this. The art design of the reboot just doesn't work for Ben 10 and the design and artwork of Ben and Gwen is an example that shows why. It just doesn't work.

    Anyone reading this, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in response to my argument here. Agree, disagree, want to further expand on my post, etc. I'm always willing to read and listen to what other people think.

    Just a quick note, this is all based off of what I got out of watching cartoon and anime shows as well as video games. This is really all I'm basing my response here off of. I don't have a lot of knowledge on how artwork and animation works and functions. This is just based off of what I know so far from watching these shows. Just thought it would be a good idea to note this out in case I get anything wrong and someone wants to clarify for me.

  • @GoodVibes1999 I second your opinion. I am the one who has the pictures, so i think that they look better than they did in omniverse.

  • @chronosapien234 Oh, when it comes to Omniverse, I know that the reboot artwork is better than that show's art design. The thing is that this is a reboot of the Ben 10 Original Series that I'm talking about here. I'm comparing the artwork of the reboot to the art design of the Original Series, which isn't looking good because the Original Series art design still looks better than the reboot artwork and is still the best art design in the series. The reboot art design is a downgrade to the series in regards to quality especially when compared to the Original Series.

  • Eh, touche

  • @chronosapien234 Like I asked before in chat, have you watched the Ben 10 Original Series?

  • Yes i have

  • anybody who is a fan of ben 10 has seen the original series!

  • well, almost every ben 10 fan

  • @chronosapien234 Ok, good. Look up images of the Original Series and compare them to the artwork of the reboot that you have. Which do you think looks better?

  • do you want to hear which looks cooler or better?

  • reboot wins in the coolness contest

  • @chronosapien234 Which looks better? Not cooler. Better.

  • I say that they both look really cool, and neither one is better

  • @chronosapien234 You said that the reboot looks cooler. Now you say that both look really cool. Let me ask this again. Which art design looks better? I'm not accepting neither as an answer. Here's another thing. What about other fans? How would other fans react to the reboot artwork? What would other fans say looks better? I have seen the responses of many other fans and most of the responses to the art design of the reboot are negative. Again, neither is an acceptable answer for me. Even by the slimmest margin, which art design is better? The reboot or the Original Series?

    Here's another point to make. Cartoon Network wants to make a reboot of the Ben 10 Original Series. Cartoon Network wants to make a reboot of a multi-billion dollar, Emmy award winning cartoon show that was marked as one of Cartoon Network's best shows on the channel. If that's what Cartoon Network wants to do, then this reboot better very much impress viewers. I don't think it even matters if this reboot turns out to be good. If it ends up being worse than the Original Series, there is a highly likely chance that there's going to be problems that are going to spark here. If this reboot does not deliver, and it's very likely to be the case, hen it is going to backfire on Cartoon Network pretty badly. That is one of the major reasons why I'm arguing for a reboot of the Ben 10 sequels. A reboot of Alien Force. To convince Cartoon Network to let Man of Action make Ben 10 Hero Generation. That approach grants better opportunities and more benefits than rebooting the Original Series. It's the right approach for Ben 10.

  • well if you want me to be honest, I would say that the new artwork makes the aliens look a little better

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