Transformation Sequences

  • I think the transformation sequence looks really neat!

  • What I noticed was that Ben did not say his aliens name after the transformation.

  • @cooljay7 Which is nice but if anyone though that Ben calling out his alien's name was annoying enough, I bet that it'll be even more annoying to hear Ben constantly yell and cheer in excitement during at least most of his transformations.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa It is a reboot so they might have changed it (like giving Diamondhead ice like abilities), I just want to see some story driven episodes again and not just random filler episodes (they are okay, but can get boring at times)

    I'm honestly not bothered by the cheering when he transforms, he is ten.

  • @Rexfan1333 Ben being 10-years-old doesn't excuse his cheering. Ben was 10 in the Original Series and yet he didn't cheer during his transformations. Why? Because the writers knew that it would be annoying as all hell. And yes, they changed the way that transformations are done but that doesn't make them better. I'd rather prefer the Body Horror element of Ben's alien transformations. It's such a great and well detailed way of showing Ben transforming into his aliens because it shows Ben actually transforming into his aliens unlike what we saw with Diamondhead in the reboot.

    In fact, going back to your previous comment about the Ben 10 reboot being aimed towards kids, I'm curious now, were the transformations in the Original Series not seen as suitable for kids to you? Your answer is most likely "no" but the way you worded it at least kind of gives a hint of "yes." Seems suitable for kids to me and apparently Cartoon Network saw those transformations as suitable for kids as well because they're in the Original Series.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I really don't care as long as I'm entertained (and I'm pretty sure it will entertain me). Things change, I know it sucks, but it's MOA's creative choice so I'm trusting them and see where they will take this series.

  • @Rexfan1333 Pretty odd and unusual creative choices considering what MOA usually makes. The art style and animation quality, the direction for making the reboot comedy-oriented, hell Joe Kelly even stated on his last Reddit AMA that it was Cartoon Network that decided to go for a full reboot and not Man of Action. I still doubt that this was MOA's creative choice for the reboot. Seems too good to be true.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah, but I don't mind comedy as long as it's not TTG level kind of comedy where all the characters act OOC through out the god damn show. The comedy reminds me of the Original series to be honest which is good, and I'm finally grown to love the style so I'm ready for the reboot.

  • @Rexfan1333 The comedy reminds me more of the PPG reboot. Not even the Original Series was this goofy and ridiculous with its comedic elements.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I honestly don't see it (I actually laughed unlike with Powerpuff Girls). We haven't seen a full episode yet, at least give it a chance because we can't change what they are doing, its their show, not ours.

  • @Rexfan1333 At this point, I'm not even trying to change it. I'm just making predictions based off of everything that is known and right now, it doesn't look good.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I understand how you feel, but shows like Steven Universe started out like this, the show is simplistic (the pilot was detailed), but the show is funny and has similar moments like Ben 10 had, the Ben 10 reboot may start off rocky but will get better through time.

  • @Rexfan1333 Steven Universe is an original show and therefore it was more accepted for what it was. Ben 10 is now an established franchise that started off as being an action focused, strongly character driven show and that is how it's supposed to be. This is much like how Resident Evil went a more action-oriented route when it's supposed to be a horror series. This is much like how Teen Titans is supposed to be an action series with a strong story and not what we got with Teen Titans Go!. This is much like how the Powerpuff Girls is supposed to be more action-oriented and fast paced and not the crap that we got with the PPG reboot. Doom is supposed to be Doom. Tomb Raider is supposed to be Tomb Raider.

    Ben 10 is supposed to be Ben 10, an action focused, more realistic and detailed approach with the art style and animations, strongly character driven story series with some comedic elements. Not this comedy-oriented, Clarence-style drawn, uncreative and unoriginal, unnecessary remake piece of crap that we are getting right now. Cartoon Network is making Ben 10 into something that Ben 10 is not supposed to be and the majority of people that had seen this are pissed off to no end about it and that even includes those that are not even fans of Ben 10.

    Will the Ben 10 reboot get better through time? Maybe and I really hope so but I doubt it. Knowing everything about the Ben 10 reboot and everything that Cartoon Network has done in recent years, I doubt that the reboot will be good. I doubt that MOA will deliver on this. There are too many factors that are working against the Ben 10 reboot to warrant it the strong possibility of success and good quality, even with MOA's involvement in it. I looked at this from every side, corner, and angle there is and my prediction based off of all of that is that this reboot and Ben 10 will not have a good future. It just doesn't look as if it will end well.

    I know that you don't like and want for the Ben 10 series to be cancelled but if Cartoon Network can't get their act together and start making the right choices, then maybe it would be better for the Ben 10 series to be cancelled. Maybe it would be better for the Ben 10 series to be shut down so that no more damage can be done to it. Put it on a long hiatus. Give the series some rest until something proper and ideal can be made out of it. It's painful but if things don't get any better, then this is the best course of action to take for not just the Ben 10 series but any series. Right now, this is not the ideal and proper direction that the Ben 10 series should go. This is most likely a disaster waiting to happen and is expected to happen as well. Like I said a while back, I'd rather look at things from the most realistic and well-researched and thought out perspective. Maybe disaster is a little too much though because really I'm expecting this show to be average at best, terrible at worse, and overall just another bland and mediocre show on a network that really needs to make some serious changes and improvements for the better of the network and its fans and viewers.

    Even if I did like the Ben 10 reboot, I would still tell that things are looking good for it due to the sheer negative response that it garnered on the internet. After all, Cartoon Network are making the same mistakes in marketing this reboot that they made when marketing the PPG reboot.

  • Ben 10 Fans

    The transformations could use some work.... I mean.... we got a new style, but still.... it feels so tacky and its just there to show off detail. Like.... at least Omniverse had something different going.... JS.
    I don't mind the Ben screaming, but don't do it too much, and I hope they reference Heatblast and Four Arm's transformations to OS. ALL I'M ASKING FOR!

  • @Tactical-Ochoa well, I'm still keeping hope this will be good and I'll be watching even if it's bad or good, it's freaking Ben 10 and I'll keep watching no matter what, besides, they can always change styles in the sequels (which Ben 10 is known for and makes sense because Ben has to adapt when he changes like how the franchise adapts to the watchers), and I feel no matter what Ben 10 does it always gets hate when trying something new.

  • @Rexfan1333 That is one of the things that people hate the most. The constant changes to the style that Ben 10 has gone through. Like I said, Doom is supposed to be Doom. Resident Evil is supposed to be Resident Evil. Star Wars is supposed to be Star Wars. Ben 10 is supposed to be Ben 10. People disliked how Alien Force and Ultimate Alien were more of wannabe DC shows. People disliked how Omniverse went the more comedic route. People are now disliking how the reboot is making Ben 10 even more comedic and really just following the same generic style that has been done with many other recent Cartoon Network shows. Any series isn't supposed to change in order to adapt to its viewers. It's just supposed to do it's own thing. To have it's own style and direction. I have seen many times many video game series have tried to change and adapt to cater to a certain demographic (most commonly the Call of Duty fanbase) and they suffered because of it. Ben 10 hasn't really done a lot of new things but instead has really just done what other shows have done (again, Alien Force and Ultimate Alien were really just trying to be DC shows). Many don't "hate" the series because it's trying something new. They "hate" the series because each show has made Ben 10 less of being Ben 10 and in the case with the reboot, many show dislike towards the Ben 10 reboot because it's even further less of being Ben 10 and because this reboot isn't doing anything new at all. Feels more like a remake to the Original Series than a reboot.

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    @Rexfan1333 said in Transformation Sequences:

    @Tactical-Ochoa well, I'm still keeping hope this will be good and I'll be watching even if it's bad or good, it's freaking Ben 10 and I'll keep watching no matter what, besides, they can always change styles in the sequels (which Ben 10 is known for and makes sense because Ben has to adapt when he changes like how the franchise adapts to the watchers), and I feel no matter what Ben 10 does it always gets hate when trying something new.

    I agree with you. No matter what the show is like i will always watch it because its ben 10.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa the shows have to change to keep people interested (I like UAF which tried to be dark but still feel like Ben 10 and Omniveres which is more light hearted), I love all the shows and they all did things differently. Honestly we just have to trust MOA and the people working on this new show because they are really working hard on this.

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    I liked all the shows for what they were. People might disagree but no matter how funny omniverse got it still felt like ben 10 to me and this reboot is no different.

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    Do you guys think we will get the up the arm transformations like in the original series?

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