Ben 10 Reboot Teaser at SDCC and Full Version of Annecy 2016 Preview Clip

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  • Holy crap, I just noticed something from the full version of the Annecy preview clip of the Ben 10 reboot. Steven T. Seagle states this, "We're starting clean, Ben is 10-years-old, he's on an eternal summer vacation with his grandpa Max and his cousin Gwen, he's found a watch, he turns into 10 aliens, and that's all we have to worry about this time around." Ok so first off I don't find this a good way of describing the reboot. Yes it's supposed to mean that they're starting all over because this is labeled as a reboot but it also gives this feeling that there's not going to be much of a focus on a good, strong complex, and well written story and characters. What really caught my attention though is that Seagle says "he's on an eternal summer vacation." Eternal as in lasting forever. I really hope that that's just poor word choice because if this turns out to be the case, then they're going to be taking a at least 3 month long summer road trip and make it last forever. That each episode is just going to be about Ben, Gwen, and Max going from place to place and doing stuff. That there's going to be little to no progression in regards to story and characters. That it is most likely that we won't be seeing the characters grow up and develop throughout the years and that Ben and Gwen are just going to stay as their 10-year-old selves. Again, I hope this is not the case and that this is just poor word choice because that is definitely not what I want to see in this series.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I hope it's poor wording as well, I'm scared they will make Ben and Gwen the new Bart and Lisa where they never grow up. Honestly teen Ben needs to appear again, having Ben be another Ash Ketchem where he stays a kid and having the same voice actress for years is not good in my opinion.

  • @Rexfan1333 Something tells me that it's not poor word choice and that this is going to happen this way. If it is the case that the reboot will focus on an eternal summer vacation, then what Steven T. Seagle described about the reboot is most, if not all, of everything that we're going to get. That what Seagle described is the Ben 10 reboot in a nutshell. That what he described is all the reboot is offering.

    This is a video that the Ben 10 Club posted on YouTube showing Joe Kelly and Duncan Rouleau stating that they wanted to go further into Ben 10,000. Stating what sounds like they want to make a sequel. A continuation to the Ben 10 story. The reboot is the opposite of that. And this is the show that many claim that Man of Action wants to make. I call bullshit on that.


  • @Tactical-Ochoa I think it's just poor wording, I'm pretty sure they won't let that happen.

  • @Rexfan1333 You'd be surprised.

  • I just watched the preview again and noticed that someone said we are turning up the comedy this time. My reaction: Oh boy, that doesn't sound good.

    I feel like this time around there won't be much character development for the villains. I feel as if there is going to be a new villain almost every episode which would mean that we are never going to have story arcs anymore.

  • @cooljay7 Like I said, what Steven T. Seagle described the reboot as is most likely all or most of what we're actually going to get. That what he stated could very much be the Ben 10 reboot in a nutshell and that's all or most of what it's going to really offer, which is not much and not good.

  • Oh and alongside the comparison in regards to the context, at least in regards to the design of the aliens, Ben's aliens in the Ben 10 reboot do look similarly like the aliens in Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures in regards to the design and quality.

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    I don't see any similarities

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