Ben 23 X Gwen 10 pairing

  • I been planning to make a fanfiction story where Ben 23 and Gwen 10 fell in love. Whats your opinions? Do you like a multidimensional-pairing?

  • @Mortie-10 I'd say just go for it. It's fan fiction. If you want to do something like this, more power to you.

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    Sounds pretty cool. So will there be a villian? Lol the villian should totally be Kevin 23 (Or should i say Kevin 24) who falls in love with gwen and wants to take her for himself.

  • @Omni-Triforcer The villian is Kevin 11 from Gwen 10s timeline. He falls in love with Gwen and tries to steal her from Ben 23. After a while, Kevin accidentally absorbs Gwens Omnitrix and turns into a mutant that Gwen 10 and Ben 23 have to defeat.

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    Nice. Can't wait to read

  • Here is the story:
    Ben 23 + Gwen 10 = True!

    (In Azmuth’s headquarters in dimension 23)

    Ben 23: Aw man! So boring. Isn’t there a world out there that needs to be saved?

    Azmuth 23: Ben, if there always was a world threatening crisis out there, there wouldn’t be time to rest.

    Ben 23: I know. It’s just so boring.

    Azmuth 23: Then find something to entertain yourself… wouldn’t be that hard…

    Ben 23 (thinks): Maybe I could steal Azmuth’s transdimensional-portal to visit my friends in other dimensions…

    (While Azmuth is not noticing, Ben 23 goes to transdimensional-portal and sends him himself to another dimension)

    (In Gwen 10’s dimension, Gwen is sitting on a bench in the street and is enjoying her ice cream. Ben 23 shows up right infront of here)
    Ben 23: Hi Gwen. Long time no see.

    Gwen 10: Hi Ben. What are you doing here? Is Vilgax doing something evil again?

    Ben 23: No, not at all. You see, I was bored, so I stole my Azmuth’s transdimensional-portal and traveled to your dimension to have some fun.

    Gwen 10: Cool. But where’s the machine?

    Ben 23 (looks behind himself): Oh no! It didn’t teleport with me. Stupid machine. Now I’m stuck here.

    Gwen 10 (rises): Calm down Ben. At least we two get some time to know each other until your Azmuth comes and finds you.

    Ben 23: Yeah cool. Hm… Wanna see my aliens?

    Gwen 10: Show me some of them.

    Ben 23: Ok, here are… (Transforms) Electric-Yeti!

    Gwen 10: What can he do?

    Electric-Yeti: Shoot electric beams like this (shoots electric beams).

    Gwen 10: Cool. Why are you naming your aliens? It’s kinda weird.

    Electric-Yeti: No, it’s cool. Show me one of yours.

    Gwen 10: Ok… (Transforms). I’m… Diamond… diamond… whatever.

    Electric-Yeti: Ben Prime calls him Diamondhead.

    Gwen 10 Diamondhead: Diamondhead? Cool. Hm… how about this one (Transform into Four Arms)?

    Electrici-Yeti: Your Handy-Man. Or Four Arms.

    Gwen 10 Four Arms: I like both names. Hard to pick.

    (They both change back)

    Ben 23: How many aliens do you have?
    Gwen 10: 12. A fire alien, a little smart frog, a living high-tech alien, a superfast alien, Four Arms, Diamondhead, um… a plant guy, or girl… A cannonball, a ghost, a bug, a big fish, and a disgusting dog.

    Ben 23: I have 50 aliens, but I told Ben Prime I have 90.

    Gwen 10: How many aliens are there?

    Ben 23: Well theres an alternate Ben called Ben 10,000. Maybe that’s all of them?

    Gwen 10: Maybe (looks at Ben 23. Something warm is inside here. She want to say something. Something shes not sure of. What is it? Does she like him?).

    Ben 23: Gwen, your face is all red.

    Gwen 10: Oh (here head is all sweating).

    Ben 23: And your sweating to.

    (at the same time, Ben 23 gets the same warm feelings as Gwen did. But what should he do about. He knew he couldn’t tell her. She maybe not like him. Or even worse, refusing to listen since their technically related, between dimensions though)

    Gwen 10: Ben, you are sweating to.

    (They both look at each other and smiling. They are almost about to kiss, but are interrupted by Kevin of Gwen 10’s timeline who passes by)

    Kevin: Move it kids (pushes Gwen’s ice cream in her head).

    Gwen 10: My ice cream. You stupid jerk.

    Kevin: Why should I care… (Looks at Gwen and falls immediately in love) Oh, hi… um… maybe I can help you?

    (Kevin cleans up the ice cream whit his shirt)

    Kevin: Better?

    Gwen 10: Thanks. Come on Ben. Let’s go.

    Kevin: No wait. I want to… talk to you.
    Gwen 10: Nothing to talk about. I…

    Kevin: Listen, I have never met a girl as pretty as you.

    Gwen (blushes): Oh, hehe… thanks.

    Ben 23: Stay away from here.

    Kevin: Who are you? Her boyfriend?

    Ben 23: Eh… no. Not at all. Im just her friend. Who wants to protect her… from guys… like you…

    Kevin: Guys like me? You mean bad boys?

    Gwen: Shut it both of you. Im Gwen. This is my friend Ben. And you are?

    Kevin: Kevin, Kevin Levin. Gwen, huh? What a beautiful name.

    Gwen: Oh, thanks (blushes again).

    Ben 23: Listen you big jerk. I can’t just stand here and let you steal Gwen from me.

    Kevin: But shes not your… Oh, I see. You like her.

    Ben 23: What? No. Not at all. Shes ugly. Shes…

    Gwen 10: What did you just say?!

    Ben 23: No, I mean. Not my type.

    Gwen 10: Then whats your type? A teen girl with big boobs?

    Ben 23: No, I…

    Kevin: Just admit it.

    Ben 23 (sighs): Fine. I like you Gwen.

    Gwen 10 (smiles): You do?

    Kevin: Then we have a competition. The boy who win will be your boyfriend Gwen.

    Gwen 10: Fine (whispers to Ben). But don’t use your Hero Watch!

    Kevin (absorbs metal): But you probably haven’t seen anyone whit this kind of powers before?

    Ben 23: Kevin, are you an alien?

    Kevin: No, but I can absorb anything I touch.

    Ben 23: Then it’s Gyro time (transform into Dino-Mighty).

    Dino-Mighty: Dino-Mighty!

    Kevin: Come on!

    (they fight. Ben 23 wins)

    Dino-Mighty: Looks like you’re finished. Gwen is mine.

    Gwen 10: Sorry Kevin. You lost (kisses Dino-Mighty on the cheek).

    Kevin: No (takes Gwen’s hand). You’re mine (absorbs Gwen’s Omnitrix and turns into a mutant)!

    Gwen 10: What the heck is that?

    Kevin: Now I’m even more awesome. I’m Kevin 11!

    Gwen 10: More like Kevin 13.

    Dino-Mighty: I got him!

    Gwen 10: Wait for me (transforms into Cannonbolt).

    Gwen 10 Cannonbolt: Let’s roll.

    (They defeat Kevin)

    Dino-Mighty: Done and done (they both transform back).

    Gwen 10: Oh Ben, your incredible (hugs him). You are… you are…
    Ben 23: Your boyfriend?

    Gwen 10: YES (kisses him)!

    (Azmuth teleports in)

    Azmuth: Ok Ben. Stop making out your alternate dimension counterpart. Time to go home.

    Ben 23. Smell you later Gwen.

    Gwen 10: You too Ben.

    (They wave at each other. Ben 23 and Azmuth teleports back to their own dimension)

  • Sounds great. Send me a link if you write it.

  • @Mortie-10 I guess I should have looked here for it.
    Great story.

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