FusionFall is apparently coming back

  • A team of fans are focusing on reopening the FusionFall servers. There's FusionFall Retro which is the original game being brought back and there's FusionFall Legacy which is a reimagined version of FusionFall. FusionFall Retro will run on the Unity 2 engine that it was originally made from while FusionFall Legacy is being made on the latest Unity 5 engine to allow for a redesign of the game with both the original content, features, and gameplay mechanics as well as new content, features, and gameplay mechanics being added into the Legacy version that were unable to be brought into the original game due to the limitations of Unity 2. As stated in the title, FusionFall is apparently coming back folks. Although it is currently in development right now but here's the link to the new website if anyone wants to check it out.



  • Im really looking forward to this. I started playing around the time the academy came in, and I loved it from the start. I will never forget the day I managed to defeat Lord Fuse. Just hope they are releasing this soon. Im tired of waiting.

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    Yeah I've been on the Fusion Fall legacy forums for more then a year I even made my character when they had the character creator up for the demo. I'll post it here when I get home.
    If you guys want to join a in group to play with in game go to the club house in the Fusion. Fall forums and join my club The Galacic Plumbers.

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    Here they are 3_1467388706016_2015-09-26_09h59_10.png 2_1467388706015_2015-09-26_09h58_31.png 1_1467388706015_2015-09-26_09h58_18.png 0_1467388706015_2015-09-26_09h58_18 (2).png

  • man I love the pictures you posted man I loved fusion fall just the only problem I had with it was it would not let me shot kevin

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    August 1st is the release date if u guys havent heard

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