Ben and Gwen go to Plumber Academy idea

  • I had an idea of Ben and Gwen going to Plumber Academy instead of becoming full fledged heroes like in UAF and Ben never took of the Omnitrix and used it to help people. It would start with Ben and Gwen taken to Plumber Academy by there Grandfather (saying they need to learn how to use their powers and control them) and are trained, Ben learning hand to hand combat as well as not relying on the Omnitrix so often and Gwen learning to control her magic powers. They also meet new and old characters along the way like the Plumber Helpers, Lucy, and much more, and form a team that travels the world and beyond fighting evil.

  • @Rexfan1333 It's a pretty nice idea. Was already somewhat done before though in one episode of I believe Ultimate Alien but a nice idea.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa That's how I got it, but instead of one episode, it's a series about them facing the troubles of school life (having rivals, crushes, and best friends), it would have drama, but with a lot of action. I also want it to be unique take on Ben and Gwen's relationship with others around them. It's also got a lot of different students. (human and alien)

    Ben will also prove himself a lot in this series and learn things the hard way as the story progress. As well as becoming a great leader like Max.

  • @Rexfan1333 I'm not sure about the school setting though. To me, it feels as if a school setting is a bit overused or something of the likes. I've seen school settings done so often that it's getting a bit repetitive and I just no longer favor it that much anymore. I guess another thing is that the Ben 10 series tend to be on the move a lot which helps keep locations varied and unique so it's not usually best to limit the amount of locations that Ben and Gwen could go to as well. Not only that but I don't really like the whole Plumbers being an intergalactic law enforcement agency than the secret Earth organization that the Original Series portrayed the Plumbers as. That part is just me though.

    Still, it does sound like a nice idea. Have you though of making a fan fiction story out of it?

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Very true, the school setting has been done to death, but for this it's more like a space academy Star Trek feel to it (I remember a Ben 10 fan fic that had this idea, it was called Hero High I think), but I do understand what you are saying.

    I never thought of doing a fan fic on this idea yet, but I'm just playing with ideas right now.

    It also takes place after the original series, so Alien Force doesn't exist in this version.

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