Ben 10 Club is here - better than ever.

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    I've got some news! Our well-known Ben 10 Club is now a part of my company Doonloo which means this website now has professional and fast servers in North America. And as the servers get upgraded, the website's design meets the future, too.

    So what is Ben 10 Club now? Well, I have big plans for it. It's made to let you communicate with other Ben 10 fans easily and with no effort. The interface is clean and it's supported in possibly all web browsers you can imagine. The pages are loading extremely faster thanks to the new technology we're using. The new forum-like website gives you the opportunity to talk about different Ben 10 topics in the right place, without wondering where to post, thanks to the appropriate categories and the clarity of their names. Also, you can now talk in your language as we have a category for languages different than English, and site-wide support for them.

    Now, since the new website is up and running, it's time to start filling it with great content! Register now and stay tuned!

    ATTENTION: The first one who makes 50 replies and 5 forum topics until August 16 2015 will become a moderator of one of the forum categories. Please, do not spam!

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