Ben 10 Alien X-Tinction Review By D.C. Network

  • @coreofthesun That's what it felt like to me as well. Almost like a desperate attempt at fanservice. Like, "Oh look, we have Ben 10,000. We have Generator Rex. We have every iteration of Ben Prime plus Gwen 10. Isn't that cool. Isn't that great. Please watch our show." That's the feeling that I'm getting here.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Exactly. I mean don't get me wrong it's hype that these characters are here but as you said, it feels more there to get more fans of the original continuity watching. The specials themselves seem to be average in terms of story as mentioned by @cooljay7 with Ben 10,010 probably being the only one which I'd deem solid in terms of plot.

  • @coreofthesun I think Ben 10,010 was better than the rest because it focused less on reboot Ben and more on Ben 10k. I noticed in that special the tone was much more serious and they weren't trying to crack jokes at every opportunity. Honestly, it was definitely the best thing to come out of the reboot in my opinion.

  • @cooljay7 I'll probably give it and Alien-Xtinction a watch. Granted, from what I've looked into with Ben 10,000 in that special, I'm not really a fan of that version of him. Yes, I know that there are such a plethora of different versions of Ben but even then, I just don't see Ben as someone who would give up on being a hero no matter how much trauma he goes through. I prefer the Original Series version of Ben 10,000 more...with the exception of his design though.

  • Holy s**t, I’ve just watched Alien X-tinction in full and...reboot Max knows about the Plumbers? When AF Ben turns up and starts talking about the Plumbers casually, reboot Max starts silently gesturing at him to keep quiet.

    Well that was out of the blue, but while I guess that it does set up a sequel a bit more I can’t believe that this version of Max never even gave an indication of being a Plumber or knowing about them after all that Ben has been through - I thought that this version was more of an eccentric inventor rather than a member of a secret organisation.

  • @coreofthesun After 4 seasons and three specials for a 5th season, they FINALLY hinted at Max being a Plumber.

    Honestly, I don't even see the reboot version of Max being a Plumber either. He was just so lame and bland and all that stuff that it felt like him being a Plumber wouldn't fit.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah I remember in the first season he was so clueless as to what was going on. I haven't watched any of the later season besides these specials but I'm assuming it's the same throughout.

  • @cooljay7 I believe I got up to mid season 3 before I gave up on the reboot show. From what I recall, there was barely anything or nothing that hinted that Max was a Plumber. And yeah, I also don't like this version of Max. He wasn't interesting. He felt so bland. Also, David Kaye did ok as Max but it just doesn't hold a candle to Paul Eiding.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah reboot Max is very boring.

  • My theory is that this version of Max wasn't a Plumber himself, but someone who was familiar with the organisation. For me he's way too goofy and irresponsible (well at least compared with original Max) to actually be a Plumber.

    Still though, even if he only knew about them surely he would've tried to contact them when larger threats like Vilgax started to emerge in the reboot universe. Or at the least he could've told Ben and Gwen about them. Again, this detail seems more for fanservice than actual plot consistency.

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