Ben 10 Alien X-Tinction Review By D.C. Network

  • @cooljay7 Wish I could watch the special full. Only Ben 10,010 airs in my country this weekend, and the others have no confirmed release date. The clips I have seen on Youtube is pretty rad!

  • @Mortie-10 I think Ben 10,010 is the best out of the bunch. I'd rank them Ben 10,010, Alien X-Tinction, Ben Gen 10.

  • @cooljay7 At least according to that review, the episode sounds like it's quite a mess in regards to its plot.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah it was a bit messy. It started out really cool but then started to go down hill. At a certain point we started to follow the other dimension Max for a few minutes. In my opinion, he was one of the best parts of the special and they should've followed him around different dimensions recruiting different Bens.

  • So, from what I have understand from Youtube clips and Wikia descriptions, in addition to the five Bens and Gwen 10, there are is also an alternate reboot Ben where Gwen is not on the roadtrip with them, and another Omniverse Ben who dies in the hands of Alien X. Its also the another OV Bens grandpa that is the Alternate Max. And the Alien X himself is actually an alternate and evil Ben 10,000, just as i predicted. And he lost his Gwen and Grandpa in battle with Vilgax. Am i missing something?

  • @Mortie-10 Nah that's pretty much it. It was confusing because the two reboot Bens look exactly the same. There was an image of other reboot Bens and they had slight differences between them but for whatever reason the two they showed looked exactly the same.

  • Yeah, the plot certainly sounds like a mess here.

  • @cooljay7 Well despite the fact that most of the Bens only used one alien each, I really love what I seeing in those clips. Its probably the best I have seen from the franchise, and my mind is blowned! While I think its sad this might be the last thing we see from the franchise ever, I see this as the best finale it could get! I hope we will get more, but if we dont, at least it has been a fun ride, despite Omniverse's flaws. If Ben 10 continues, this are the shows I hope we get : 1. A Alien Force Reboot, or 2. A Omniverse continuation. The Kevin 11 spinoff I hope is just a big bad joke.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa It would've been better if they just used the Bens that they introduced in Omniverse in addition to Ben Prime. In other words, just one Ben Prime and then Ben 23, Nega Ben, etc.

  • @Mortie-10 I think Ben 10 is definitely continuing. I can't see Cartoon Network ending the franchise. It's too big and popular to end.

  • @cooljay7 I really hope so too. I too tired of CN being full of TTG crap. I rather watch Ben 10 all day than TTG.

  • @cooljay7 That's what I was thinking that they were going with here until they revealed which Bens they're actually using for the special.

  • I think that it’s a cool way to end the reboot but there’s a lot of reliance on fanservice especially with regards to showing OG, AF, UA and OV Ben when they are all the same person.

  • @coreofthesun That's what it felt like to me as well. Almost like a desperate attempt at fanservice. Like, "Oh look, we have Ben 10,000. We have Generator Rex. We have every iteration of Ben Prime plus Gwen 10. Isn't that cool. Isn't that great. Please watch our show." That's the feeling that I'm getting here.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa Exactly. I mean don't get me wrong it's hype that these characters are here but as you said, it feels more there to get more fans of the original continuity watching. The specials themselves seem to be average in terms of story as mentioned by @cooljay7 with Ben 10,010 probably being the only one which I'd deem solid in terms of plot.

  • @coreofthesun I think Ben 10,010 was better than the rest because it focused less on reboot Ben and more on Ben 10k. I noticed in that special the tone was much more serious and they weren't trying to crack jokes at every opportunity. Honestly, it was definitely the best thing to come out of the reboot in my opinion.

  • @cooljay7 I'll probably give it and Alien-Xtinction a watch. Granted, from what I've looked into with Ben 10,000 in that special, I'm not really a fan of that version of him. Yes, I know that there are such a plethora of different versions of Ben but even then, I just don't see Ben as someone who would give up on being a hero no matter how much trauma he goes through. I prefer the Original Series version of Ben 10,000 more...with the exception of his design though.

  • Holy s**t, I’ve just watched Alien X-tinction in full and...reboot Max knows about the Plumbers? When AF Ben turns up and starts talking about the Plumbers casually, reboot Max starts silently gesturing at him to keep quiet.

    Well that was out of the blue, but while I guess that it does set up a sequel a bit more I can’t believe that this version of Max never even gave an indication of being a Plumber or knowing about them after all that Ben has been through - I thought that this version was more of an eccentric inventor rather than a member of a secret organisation.

  • @coreofthesun After 4 seasons and three specials for a 5th season, they FINALLY hinted at Max being a Plumber.

    Honestly, I don't even see the reboot version of Max being a Plumber either. He was just so lame and bland and all that stuff that it felt like him being a Plumber wouldn't fit.

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