Little Moments Rebooted has been released

  • A few weeks ago, shadows59 released a rebooted version of his Little Moments series. The first 3 chapters of this rebooted version have been released and new chapters will continue to release every Friday. If anyone is interested in checking out this fan fiction story, here's the link down below. I will also make announcements for any future chapters that get released on here as well.

    If anyone is also interested in checking out the rest of the Little Moments series, here's the link to one of my most recent pages that provides a clean and organized list of links to every iteration of Little Moments along with the character art work that was made for the series as well.

  • Chapter 4 just released.

  • Chapter 5 released last week and Chapter 6 just released earlier today. Next week, Erico is posting a spin-off chapter detailing Max's time in Vietnam that formed the snowball that changed his life forever.

  • A new side chapter in the Little Moments series was released earlier today. Little Moment: Rumble in the Jungle by Erico covers a moment in Max Tennyson's past where on his final mission with the US Air Force before transferring to NASA for astronaut training, Max is shot down while engaging an alien spacecraft in Vietnam. This along with him meeting Xylene for the very first time soon after his crash landing triggers a snowball effect that changed his life forever. This was an event that was summarized in chapter 6 of Little Moments Rebooted but this side chapter goes into this very event in much greater detail.

    I'm going through the process of reading through the chapter myself and I will also update the Little Moments series page to add the link to this chapter to it.

  • Last week, chapter 7 of Little Moments Rebooted was released.

    Also, earlier today, Erico released the first chapter to a new side story to the Little Moments series called Little Moment: The Sorceress and The Knight and it focuses on the character of Bezel. Despite the chapter being short and is just introducing the character, this version of Bezel already feels much better and more interesting and unique than the version from Omniverse.

  • Chapter 8 of Little Moments Rebooted released on Friday as well as the second chapter to Little Moment: The Sorceress and The Knight.

  • Chapter 9 of Little Moments Rebooted was released on Friday and it really shows off Gwen's magic in a pretty unique way. The third chapter of Little Moment: The Sorceress and The Knight was also released earlier today and that chapter was quite intense. The villain established in that chapter is pretty comparable to the likes of Z'Skayr and Vilgax and OS Kevin in regards to how terrifying it is. The chapter also expands further on Bezel as a character that really makes me like her even more; especially compared to the Omniverse version of Bezel.

    Also, an artist named ZilpaEden made some new artwork based on the Little Moments series and I highly recommend for people to check it out because it looks really good. You can find the links to her artwork on the bottom of the Little Moments series page along with the links to Little Moments Rebooted and Little Moment: The Sorceress and The Knight as well.

  • ZilpaEden posted another artwork based on another scene from Little Moments.

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