How strong is atomix?

  • Hey, long time no see guys! I was watching death battle the on their day and saw that the next matchup is none other than Ben 10 vs Green lantern! That got me thinking, How strong are ben’s aliens? More specifically, Atomix. I’ve been trying to determine just how strong he is based on this scene from omniverse. Especially the part where atomix’s punch colides with ultimate humungousaur and sends him flying. Assuming that this is a casual punch from ben while Albeto is putting a bit of effort, and Ultimate humungousaur’s mass and strength is greater than, if not double that of the hulk, how hard would atomix have to punch to not only neutralize the punch, but also create enough counter-force to send a 2 ton hyperevolved dinosaur flying back, let’s say 50 meters. I’m just spitballing here.

    Bonus! I’m also curious how much explosive power had to be in that orb to send him through 3 layers of ultra-thick concrete.

  • @chronosapien234 I honestly don't know how to best answer that in technicality terms. I think that's something that the guys at Death Battle themselves would be best suited to provide the answer to.