Ben 10 Live-Action TV series supposedly announced

  • So according to this article here, Warner Bros. is working on a live-action Ben 10 TV series. This might sound great to some but, at least to me, I'm very skeptical here. This article provides no sources that confirms it. Sure, it says, "sources say", but who are the official sources? The lack of concrete evidence already brought up my skepticism enough as it is but there's other factors to take into account of as well.

    How exactly is this going to work given what Ben 10 is? Cartoon Network's previous attempts at live-action Ben 10 didn't really go well as both Race Against Time and Alien Swarm not only didn't age well but weren't really of good quality to begin with and Alien Swarm had a budget of $40 million and was 69 minutes long. Given what Ben 10 is and what each Ben 10 show contained, I'd imagine that a live-action Ben 10 series would be heavily reliant on A LOT of special effects. Again, Alien Swarm had a budget of $40 million and it's quality was pretty poor. Maybe Warner Bros. would have better luck with their production quality. Who knows and that's even assuming that this article is correct on its info. I don't think it's going to work out that well though. I don't find Ben 10 to be a good candidate for a live-action TV series and that's because of what Ben 10 is and what's contained in it.

    Oh yeah, there's also factoring in how a theatrical live-action Ben 10 movie has been promised so many times and nothing ever came out of that. If development of this show did start, I have a feeling that it's likely that the show would just fall through much like with the movie with the budget being the reason behind why.


  • @Tactical-Ochoa Yeah, I'm a bit skeptical about this as well because if this is indeed true (nothing is really pointing to it being true) penalty of things in development get canceled or disappear at CN. For example, the Adventure time movie and as @Tactical-Ochoa said the 3rd live action Ben 10 movie never came to fruition. Also, Close Enough disappeared and is supposedly still being worked on a year and a half after it was originally supposed to come out.

  • I am also skeptical about a live action tv series since the stars are 10 years old and the child characters will sooner or later age up so its not something that can be made in a long term.

  • @cooljay7 Oh yeah, I forgot about Close Enough. That show really hasn't premiered yet? Really?

    @ultraalien Well it's not like they can't pull a Harry Potter here and establish an actual timeline of events that involves the characters growing up as the show progresses. The biggest issue of a live-action Ben 10 show is going to be that budget. That is pretty much the biggest factor that would either make or break any possibility of a live-action show to happen.

  • This is where y’all waited for:


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  • @Offbeatcat You do know the trailer is an April Fools joke, right? That's footage from Ben 10: Alien Swarm.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa we will not speak of this again

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