Planned Future Articles

  • I just want to announce that I do have plans to work on some more Ben 10 related articles. I've been pretty busy recently so I haven't had much of an opportunity. Hopefully I can at least get started on Sunday. I say that most likely my next article is going to be focused on my overall thoughts on Kevin Levin throughout the franchise and what I think would be the best route to fix and improve him as a character. Pretty much like with plenty of my other articles that have done the same thing to other elements and characters such as Charmcaster, the Omnitrix, Julie Yamamoto, Ben 10,000's design, etc. I also need to catch myself up on the third season of the Ben 10 reboot as well.

  • So I wasn't able to start any work yet on my next article. On Saturday, I went sea fishing for my brother's bachelor party and I was just so tired all the way through yesterday because of it. I'll try to start on the new article either today after work or tomorrow.

  • Does anyone know where I can get access to the Ben 10 reboot season 3 episodes King of the Castle, Franken-Fight, and Buggy Out? There's also Which Watch, Introducing Kevin 11, and Four by Four but I don't think those episodes have aired yet. I do think that the first three episodes have aired in some country though and I want to see if I can get a look at those episodes so that I can include them into my Kevin article.

  • So here's a little update on things. I did start working on the article about Kevin but the development of it has been pretty slow. I think really the biggest reason as to why though is because I haven't been keeping up much on the season 3 episodes of the Ben 10 reboot and I want to watch more episodes of it that covered Kevin for the article. While things are pretty slow with that article, I do have an interest in looking back at a couple of my past articles and make revised and updated versions of them and do plan on eventually working on those articles as well. What will possibly happen is that I'll do as much as I can with the Kevin article and then maybe put it on a temporary hiatus until I catch up on the reboot episodes. During this hiatus, I'll try to work on the revision articles. I'm giving no promises as to when I'll be done with them though.

  • Sorry for the lack of updates. At the moment, I finally found good access to season 3 episodes of the Ben 10 reboot for me to catch up on, which includes episodes that showcase Kevin. Once I finish these episodes up, I can finally get back to working on the Kevin focused article and finishing it up.

  • Here's hopefully the final update before the release of my Kevin Levin article. I'm almost done with the article. All that's left is for me to discuss what I find to be the best direction to take for Kevin in the Ben 10 franchise. After that, I'll do a quick review of everything to make sure that it's all squared away and then I'll post the article.

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