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    So while most fans say Ben 10 reboot is the worst. I heard some says it is better than omiverse and Ultimate alien. I don't really that is true to be honest as that when Ben 10 was at his best in Ultimate Alien and omiverse. I am not really judging the series only by its animation and designs. As the story and music in omiverse was number 1 for me. The animation and design of UAF is number 1 too. Just what you think is worst part of Ben 10 that you didn't like the most

  • I like the animation style of aliens in original series the best.. the aliens which are introduced in Alien Force and Ultimate alien have good animation style too but they are mostly humanoid except some. I hate Ultimate Alien four arms and Heatblast.. and i also hate four arms design in Omniverse.. rest all is

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    @raghav-duggal UA Heatblast is almost the same as OS Heatblast

  • @mortie-10 yeah but i think colour scheme of the OS is better.. Even in episode ' Forge of Creation part 2' 10 yrs old ben uses heatblast.. that looks more like OS ... u can compare..

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    Let me just say that the worst ben 10 doesn’t necessarially mean it’s a bad show, it’s just the one that I like the least. That show is Ultimate alien. While I love UA I thought it was totally unneeded for it to be a seperate show. Barring the ultimate function it felt like basically the same show as AF. While AF OV and the reboot tried to be different from its predecessors UA was basically that a reskin of AF.

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    The only thing I find off of Ultimate Alien is that the lack of ultimate forms. You see I think there was 6 or 7 Ultimate Alien not even 10. Yet they introduced more new regular aliens. Still that is my favourite number 1. I would love it if Ben 10 continues like that forever

  • Wait did he get banned again?

  • @fangdanerd Yup. Talk to @Ebomnitrix in Chat if you want to know why?

  • @tactical-ochoa Lmao wow.

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    Actually its best to not let other people know the whole situation for the safety and security of the members. But one of the very users here, who I will not say there name was sexually harassed, we dealt with the member immediately and we will never be ever letting Npzman back on this site and we will be watching over here to be sure he doesn't make anymore false accounts.

    He is a perfect example of what not to be in the Ben 10 community, because its people like him that make us look toxic, and I won't be allowing a toxic environment on this website. From here on out, no more outlashes at other members, harassing, or anything else from this point forward, because its best not to stoop to their level and we're supposed to set an example to other members and new ones who join this site.

    If I or any of the mods see anymore issues from here on out, you will deal with us.

    I will be closing this post from this point forth, if someone decides to make a new one, go ahead.

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