Am I the only one that wants to see Ben 10 get better?

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I still feel Kid Ben is overrated and I still want a better Ben 10 show done by Studio Trigger with a bad ass Ben and a cuter and awesome Gwen. I'm tired of MOA and CN not seeing the potential epic series they have in their hands and just giving us dumb down versions of what I loved as a kid and want to be epic as an adult, yeah, maybe Teen Ben gotten more attention, but they completely ruined what could have been amazing. They sadly turned Ben into a immature self absorbed idiot in UA and OV (even though those shows where still enjoyable), I rather they reboot the sequels or completely create a new universe that will blow the original series out of the water.

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    I like having Ben be a kid because in the comics there arent that many kid superheroes so its cool to have one especially with a cool a power as his. I also like seeing Ben grow up that was one of my favorite things about the franchise as a whole, It didnt feel like a normal cartoon where he would stay the same age he grew up became a teenager and learned how to be serious. While Teen Ben is awesome it has to start out with kid Ben.

  • @Omni-Triforcer Maybe, but I want a different take on him, be voiced by someone different (nothing against Tara, but I want a new take on the character) and actually be more likeable. (I like Ben, but his arrogance can get annoying at times)

    I actually want him to learn how to fight without the watch as well.

  • And by likable, I mean have him lose the arrogance for good instead of gaining it back latter on.

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