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    The more i look at the designs (its my backround of my computer) the more i am getting used to it. Im liking the amount of detail on the aliens

  • @Omni-Triforcer The more I look at the designs, the more I'm disgusted by them. To me, it just looks mediocre and at times ugly. Before I considered the reboot artwork to be the second best in the Ben 10 series but now I'm reconsidering that so much now that I'm starting to think that Omniverse looks better than the reboot.

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    Well thats definitely a way to look at it. I dont remember you saying the reboot artwork was the 2nd best in the series.

  • @Omni-Triforcer I believe I did mention it somewhere on this site. Either here or that GoogleDoc document that I linked to when I first made Addressing the Ben 10 Reboot. It was like a while back. At least a year, in fact.

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    Weird i always thought you hated the artwork since you were so negative about about every other aspect of the reboot.

  • @Omni-Triforcer At first it was alright and back when the calendar images and the leaked artwork were posted, I had more criticisms but there were still some parts that were at least fine enough. Now, I have even more criticisms and my stance has now changed. You said a while back that the artwork will look better when we see it animated. Well we saw some animations of the Ben 10 reboot and no, the artwork looks even worse when animated. I didn't always "hate it" as you put it as. At first I thought it was ok and arguably good but just wasn't enough. Now my stance has changed over time and now I see it as garbage and I'm not the only one that views the artwork as such either. I've looked around and there are many more people that don't like the artwork compared to those that do like the artwork. Even the little things matter and I already have a feeling that many are going to be turned off from the Ben 10 reboot just because of the artwork alone. Even if the story and writing is at least good.

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    I do admit ben looks pretty bad but i think the aliens look great

  • @Omni-Triforcer Heatblast, XLR8, Diamondhead, and Grey Matter look just fine. Upgrade looks fine as well although that purple color that he has is a little off setting in my opinion but it's not really much of a big deal to worry about. I'm still not going to be able to get over the whole Overflow alien because well as mentioned before, that alien is just a blatant redesigned and renamed Water Hazard and therefore shows some laziness and unoriginality. I already mentioned how Four Arms and Cannonbolt just look pretty ugly and mediocre when animated so I don't really like their designs that much anymore. I really don't like how Wildvine has humanoid legs and not tentacle legs as it really kills that alien and more unique and original look that he has. Also, what the hell was Ebomnitrix referring to with Wildvine actually having a mouth drawn on him? Is he referring to the leaked artwork? I guess so and I can see why since that the quality on the leaked artwork is very bad since that freakin chronosapien234 wouldn't even bother to make sure that the images have better and acceptable lighting and resolution. My biggest problem of all is just Stinkfly's redesigned look and I already explained why already.

  • @Tactical-Ochoa I don't hate the art style, but I feel they could have done so much better, but CN wants to get kids invested in the series as we'll as the style being easy to animate (which I think is a bunch of bull crap, they are just lazy now), I honestly would have loved the Young Justice and Legend of Korra style, but the crew are working on other things at the moment. I'm hoping the story line would prove that you should not judge a book by its cover.

  • @Rexfan1333 That's another thing. I don't hate the reboot's art style either. I just don't like it and I just give it a lot of criticism. With Cartoon Network, we're now at a point where this is just unacceptable because like you said, Cartoon Network's reasons for wanting to go for these types of art styles is bullshit and they and their artists and animators are really just being cheap and lazy here. Like I said, it likely won't even matter that much to many if the story and writing is at least going to be good because the artwork and animation quality alone can turn many viewers away from the reboot. Having a strong story and writing is very much important but so is having some great quality artwork and animations. Artwork that can set the stage for the settings, environments, characters, etc. Animations that can deliver on many of the scenes that we're going to be seeing here. How are viewers supposed to be able to get invested with Ben developing as a character when he looks like crap? How are viewers going to be able to get invested in Ben's aliens if at least some of them look ugly and/or don't even look that much alien at all? How are any of the action scenes going to be good and memorable if the animation quality doesn't back them up? Yes I know we haven't seen any action scenes yet. It's just a point that I want to make. Overall, if they're going to have a strong and memorable story, setting, characters, scenes, etc, then they need to be able to be backed up well by a good quality art style and animations. Otherwise, there would be a chance that things can fall flat pretty badly. Just imagine Young Justice and Legend of Korra looking like the Ben 10 reboot or the PPG reboot or Teen Titans Go! or Clarence. Imagine Young Justice and Legend of Korra having the lower quality animation work that Cartoon Network Studios is being more known of making. Even with a strong story and characters and all that stuff, those two shows would fall flat pretty badly. Imagine the Ben 10 Original Series having this type of art style and/or this quality of animations. We would more likely not be looking up to the Original Series as much as we did back then and still do and Ben 10 would more likely not have been able to be as successful as it was back then. Omniverse had some good story aspects and moments to it but the art style and animation quality doesn't help to hold those good story aspects and moments up that well.

    I previously thought that story, writing, characters and all that stuff are more important than visuals but really the visuals of a show, movie, video game, etc are really just as equally important. Everything needs to be able to work and blend together seamlessly and very well. If one of those seams hits a snag and breaks, chances are that everything can fall apart either quickly or eventually. Just something that I want to point out. A strong story is very much important but just as equally so does that apply to having strong visuals and animations as well.

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